Chanel bright and charming light lipstick blooms dream color

Chanel glamorous and light lipstick , dazzling glamour and light lipstick are different, deep and full of indulgence of feminine charm, inspired by the round ceiling of Chanel's apartment and the French Jimei Museum. Exquisite and exquisite quality reproduces the gorgeous and charming lip color like the oriental screen. Rich and lustrous creamy texture, a new interpretation of Chanel's glamorous lipstick Rouge Allure's tempting lip color like silky satin.

Chanel glamorous light lipstick

Chanel glamorous light lipstick

Magical formula blooms dreamy color

Chanel's glamorous and light-weight lipstick is the perfect formula to blend multiple effects into it.

1. Jojoba Oil instantly gives lips a nourishing and soft feeling, and the lips are moist and delicate like water.

2, high-saturated color elements make the lips instantly exude a rich and full, radiant brilliance.

3, the lips are full of lubrication, exuding elegant and restrained luster. The perfect makeup lasts for 8 hours.

Chanel glamorous light lipstick

Chanel glamorous light lipstick

Market retail price: RMB310 / 6ml

Exquisite lip makeup makeup steps

Bright and glamorous light lipstick, such as lip gloss, comes with a light and compact sponge brush that perfectly fits the lips and accurately depicts the lips, creating a full lacquer-like color like a lipstick.

Unique color series

The subtle and delicate colors are inspired by the Chinese lacquer carving art, featuring the flowing red (Coromandel and Dragon), the mysterious coral (Mandarin and Santal), the shining brown (Imperial and Dynastie), and the delicate peachy color. (Ming and Phoenix).

Bright glamour lipstick Rouge Allure RMB285 / 3.5g

Chanel's bright glamour lipstick, elegant black glazed shell, against the golden inner sheath with a perfect arc angle, quietly incarnate the desire totem. Between the fingers, the seductive feminine charm is opened, and the simple daily depiction of the lip color evolves into the pleasure of the fingertips to the red lips. For the first time, glamorous lipstick is engraved on the lipstick. It is silky and silky. It has a delicate and comfortable formula. It is light and smooth across the lips, and the full color is swaying in the middle of the lips. Picking up the ripples.

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