Anti-wrinkle therapy combined with green tea extract - significant anti-wrinkle effect

The skin is smooth and soft, and delaying the aging of the skin is almost the dream of every woman, so the anti-wrinkle products in the beauty market are endless. However, few products can achieve immediate results.

German scientists combined the anti-wrinkle treatment of light-emitting diode (LED) lamps with green tea extract , not only significantly improved the anti-wrinkle effect , but also significantly shortened the effective time. This therapy is expected to bring the gospel to many beauty lovers.

Significant effect

German scientists conducted a one-month combination of wrinkle therapy on a volunteer. The experimental results show that the combination of LED lamp and green tea extract has better wrinkle removal effect than LED lamp therapy alone.

According to the needs of the treatment, this volunteer needs to receive treatment every day. The researchers first applied a cream rich in green tea extract to the volunteer's face. After about 20 minutes, the volunteers sat under the LED lights and received strong light.

The German News Agency quoted the research report on the 28th. After a month of treatment, the volunteer's skin became smooth, and the face "wrinkles became lighter, shorter, and the skin glowed young and radiant."

In addition to the significant results, the researchers pointed out that LED lights and green tea extracts are two-pronged, and the treatment speed is 10 times faster than LED lights alone.

The research was published in the October 2 issue of the American bimonthly magazine Crystal Growth and Design.

"Joined forces

Although wrinkle therapy combined with LED light and green tea extract has only recently entered the eye, LED lights have been "active" for many years in the field of wrinkle skin care.

Researcher Andrei Zommers wrote in the report that he has been using light therapy to heal scars for more than 40 years. In recent years, high-intensity LED lights have been gradually used to reduce skin wrinkles, but the effect is slower, even if the user is everyday. It takes a few months for the treatment to be treated.

The researchers explained that the reason why the LED lamp alone is slow is that a large amount of active oxygen is generated in the human body after the strong light of the LED, and the active oxygen causes damage to the cells in the body, which greatly reduces the therapeutic effect. The green tea extract is rich in antioxidants, which can offset the side effects of reactive oxygen species and make the treatment more effective.

Therefore, the researchers chose LED lights and green tea extract "strong" to join them, so that they can complement each other and enhance the efficacy.

Room for improvement

According to Zommers, this treatment can lay the foundation for the “effective recovery of youth in the face” and provide researchers with a new understanding of the effects of reactive oxygen species on cell aging.

However, Dr. An H. Curtis from Toronto, Canada, pointed out that although LED lamps and green tea extracts are effective in delaying skin aging, this therapy still lacks.

She said that this therapy requires customers to go to the clinic or doctor's office every day, which is more inconvenient. If the customer has to receive treatment every day, the most practical way is to configure the household LED light wrinkle removal device at home, but the intensity of the light must be just right, which can produce curative effect without jeopardizing health, which is difficult for customers to grasp.

In addition to special treatment, experts also recommend that people start from the details of life to retain the youthful face, such as less sun, apply sunscreen before going out. After all, preventing aging is more important than treating aging.

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