After the poison, the signboard of the honeycomb head is sung

Amy Winehouse , British soul, jazz and R&B singer. She is not only independent in music, but her own amazing lifestyle has become the public's post-meal talk. Her famous cellular hairstyle has not only become her personal logo, but also made her a famous Muse.

The body of Amy Winehouse was discovered at his London residence on the afternoon of July 23, 2011, at the age of 27. The result of the autopsy was that the cause of death was due to her sudden withdrawal from alcohol and detoxification, which caused the body to produce toxins.

Amy Winehouse died, the signature thick eyeliner and the honeycomb head became a swan song. The alternative muse that influenced Lafayette went away. Let's take a look at her classic honeycomb headline.

Poisoned signboard honeycomb head rough eyeliner

After the poison, the honeycomb head is thick and the eyeliner becomes a swan song.

Poisoned signboard honeycomb head rough eyeliner

Poisonous signature eyeliner