Light and nude makeup makes love no pressure

A woman in love always hopes that she can attract him. Therefore, the makeup is especially noticeable, but too cute and exaggerated will make him nervous. However, it is light and light, soft and soft nude makeup , which will let you and him enjoy no pressure. Love time.

Heavy makeup, people are under pressure

Heavy makeup, people are under pressure

Lightweight makeup makes you stress-free dating

Love can't be blind, even though it's an era of advertised personality and "women are happy," but it doesn't mean that women can not care about men. Women look at women is a kind of "professional spirit", men see women are instinct. Don't underestimate the aesthetic influence of men. In 2009, their preferences, not their preferences, have created a revolutionary element of fashion. If you want to maintain the love of a lifetime, the first lesson is to find out his aesthetic psychology, and to be able to be beautiful and to please others.

Light and thin pseudo-muscles reveal confidence

The pale and heavy makeup makes people feel depressed, or the natural delicate skin with a light long blush that gives the mature temperament and the courage to calmly face reality.

Apply highlights to the lower eyelid

Then use a blush brush to draw a small amount of high-gloss powder and apply it in the lower eyelid highlights to make the blush exude a natural and attractive luster.

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