The trend of love potion research caused by perfume

Perfume can trigger people's illusions, especially the reverie of men's women, and the effect of love potion is more obvious and more direct, but many people think that love potion is a fantasy. However, with the development of medicine, scientists have solved the mystery of genetics and brain mechanism, and scientists are making amazing discoveries that will lead to the emergence of truly effective love potions.

The first major finding is related to the marginal regions of the brain. Scientists have been able to show that this brain area is responsible for human emotions and sexual attraction. Scientists call this area "emotional seating."

The second major finding is related to the "wounded nose organ" inside the nasal cavity. The only function of the "plow nose organ" is to detect the hormone called "pheromone", which stimulates the edge of the brain, thereby increasing people's desires and feelings of being attracted.

Scientists have long known that humans and animals can secrete powerful "pheromones" chemical hormones. "Pheromone" is a volatile chemical that allows the same animal to transmit information between different individuals through the action of the sense of smell, resulting in behavioral or physiological changes. This chemical is secreted by the exocrine glands. The molecules are small, and can be spread to the air by the air flow. "Pheromone" can stimulate sexual attraction and its series of reactions, so it is also called pheromone, or sex hormone. The two major findings described above have led scientists to make theoretical assumptions that the human body produces "pheromones" for the evolutionary needs of attracting spouses and breeding offspring.

And this theory has been validated in different animal experiments. Obviously, the purpose of animal secretion of "pheromones" is to stimulate the attraction of the opposite sex.

But why is human secretion of "pheromones"? The theory that "pheromones" played the same role in humans has recently been confirmed. This theory was further confirmed in the famous "Twin" study of the ABC News program 20/20.

In order to verify whether the "Pheromone" really works, the 20/20 program group makes the same male and female twins to participate in the speed show and give each of them a bottle of perfume. One of the twins will receive a perfume containing pheromone. But these people don't know what kind of perfume everyone has. They participate in 10 5-minute match events and then fill out the form to declare which person they want to see again. At the end of the show, nine men wanted to see Sarah again, and five men wanted to see Bridget again. Ten women were interested in Dave, and only six women were interested in Paul. Both Sarah and Dave used perfumes containing "Pheromone".

For scientists, the next challenge is to study how humans make "pheromones" so that they can be used as natural attractants.

Professor Almond said, “Humans naturally produce their own pheromones. However, we will wash them off or be covered by frequent bathing, detergent or de-absorbent.” The understanding of Mongolian's abilities and the understanding of the neural pathways that convey this information to the brain paved the way for us to develop powerful products. We mix the three most powerful pheromones in a concentrated formula to trigger and stimulate the opposite sex's 'grown nose organ'. ”

Professor Almond has developed high-performance "pheromones" for men and women. what does this mean? According to feedback from hundreds of people who have tried the "Pheromone Advantage" product of Professor Almond, this means more flirting, more dating and higher passion.

Currently, Professor Almond's "Pheromone Advantage" product has been sold on the company's website for $39.95 and is backed by a 90-day warranty. If you find that it is not for you, simply return the vial (even if it is an empty vial) and get a refund immediately. In fact, pheromones products have been widely used in various social occasions and business activities in the West. It plays a role as a lubricant catalyst for people's social interaction activities, especially between men and women, and enables the natural charm of human beings to be sublimated. Pheromones creates a natural and soothing atmosphere between the sexes.

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