Floor use attention detail

Pets: Pet excreta can cause alkaline corrosion to the wood, causing discoloration and stains on the floor.

Pharmacy: If the floor is stained with chemicals, it should be wiped with detergent/water. After wiping, the surface gloss of the floor will be reduced, and the wax should be repaired in time.

Ventilation: The newly renovated house will emit formaldehyde from the decoration materials and furniture, irritate the eyes or produce odor, and pay attention to ventilation and ventilation. It should be noted that the water droplets after condensation should not drip onto the floor.

Floor wax: choose the right floor wax. Before waxing, first in the corner of the room or other unobtrusive places, a small area trial on the floor, confirm that there is no problem, then start full waxing.

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