Finefit sunscreen makeup is not afraid of sun in summer

Kao cosmetics brand Sophia (SOFINA) launched a new and improved Finefit sunscreen makeup series. The improved new product will be more suitable for the skin, to solve the dull skin, uneven pigmentation and uneven skin tone, so that you The skin is more resistant to UV rays and is more perfect for flawless skin.

Finefit sunscreen makeup

Finefit sunscreen makeup

The improved FinefitUV liquid foundation, added to the re-dried skin, can also gently apply the beauty liquid component TPS and control the skin surface of the skin non-diffusion, prevent the skin from glaring and removing makeup. Lasting Powder EX. can instantly blend into the skin, quickly and thoroughly Covers dull, stains, pores, showing the skin's elastic and moist feeling.

On this basis, if combined with the improved FinefitUV powder, it can immediately show the elastic feeling of the cheeks, showing a clear cheek line, so that the skin presents a soft and elastic "Q bomb" state. This powder on the cake It has a good makeup and can be applied in close contact immediately after application. The new formula Live Impression Powder can also make your skin reveal a bright complexion.

The newly-improved Sofina Finefit sunscreen has a total of 6 colors to choose from. At the same time, it helps you to show off the beauty of the light and shadow at any time. Even in the summer of the sun, your skin will be moisturized. Run all day!


It can solve the skin condition such as dullness, uneven color and uneven skin pores, rough pores and other skin conditions, and the effect of purifying the skin and letting you feel the skin.

SPF24, PA+++

[product features and methods of use]

Finefit liquid foundation UV

1 Naturally cover uneven skin tone or unevenness

2 Effective against sweat, keep it for a long time without makeup

3SPF24, PA++

4 no fragrance

5 Take a diameter of about 7mm on the cheeks and apply a small amount from the cheeks to the forehead/nose/squat

[product specifications]

Product name specification price

SOFINA fine shine sunscreen foundation (for makeup) 25ml 250 yuan

SOFINA fine shine sunscreen foundation (for makeup) 21g 250 yuan

SOFINA fine and bright sunscreen powder (for makeup) 7g 230 yuan

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