Creative burst: interactive 3D printed wall Latex Pixel…

Many industrial industries regard 3D printing technology as an affordable and convenient rapid prototyping technology. However, many artists have begun to use it to redefine many things that exist. Recently, recently graduated architect Seiya Kobayashi and interaction designer David

The essentials of controlling water-ink balance operati…

We often say that printing with the smallest amount of ink and the smallest amount of water in the printing process is actually to achieve and find a balance, that is, a printing water-ink balance that needs to be found for the purpose of restoring customer originals. In the printing process, the

How does gravure achieve green environmental protection…

BAIDU_CLB_fillSlot("858283"); New technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials in the gravure industry will develop rapidly in the direction of environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction, loss reduction, quality improvement and efficiency. In this

Waste using old desk calendar to make photo frames

Waste use old desk calendar to make photo frames Manual materials: old desk calendar, corrugated paper , cardboard, scissors, etc. Corrugated paper is cut and pasted according to the size of the desk calendar and photo frame. The back side is covered with thick sponge tap

What is the role of the Brother Multifunction?

The MFP itself has a variety of functions that enable color printing at a lower price than a typical printer. Said that the MFP has to mention the brother MFP. So what is the role of the Brother MFP? The MFP is literally understood and certainly has many features. The Brother Multifunction is on

3D printing pen can be called Ma Liangshen pen aerial p…

With the rise of personal manufacturing, the 3D printing industry is expected to maintain a relatively high growth rate in the personal consumption field. Today, this Ma Liang Shen pen is a model of 3D printing in the field of personal consumption. In fact, for personal consumption,

3D self-timer scanning station: the trend of the world

Just like 3D printing a few years ago, the market price of 3D scanning is still unattainable for most consumers. But this does not mean that consumers cannot enjoy related services and products. In the past few years, using 3D scanning technology, Kinect and Other applications such a