Environmental protection knowledge of cabinets in line …

Currently, the plates of the whole kitchen on the market are mainly MDF and particleboard. Relatively speaking, the MDF is more environmentally friendly, but it depends on the grade of the MDF and must meet the national standards for wood-based panel testing. Key points: Alth

Weld treatment and zinc layer protection of galvanized …

Weld treatment and zinc layer protection for galvanized steel drums Shanghai Xugong Coating Technology Co., Ltd. Xu Guoxing The galvanized barrels we produce are divided into hot-dip galvanized barrels (some barrel factories are called front galvanized barrels or original zinc barrels) and galva

Floor knowledge - geothermal heating

Insufficient radiators: 1. The heating effect is not ideal. Everyone should have felt this way: Although there is heating, the body is not cold, but the feet are still cold. The radiator is mainly used to warm the room by hot air convection in the room. The room temperature

Ways to increase the yield of sliced ​​thin wood

Due to the lack of precious wood resources that are widely loved and expensive, the production of precious wood is often processed into thin wood as a finishing material, which can save precious wood and provide high-grade wood decoration effect. To this end, improving the yiel

Plastic bottles are popular in daily chemical product p…

Brand development, brand education, brand innovation and other issues are also increasingly valued by domestic companies. Chinese companies are constantly exploring and seeking development in innovation. With the improvement of people’s consumption level and the increase of spending power,

Fiberboard production replacement product specification…

In order to continuously produce, when the product specifications are replaced, the thermal mill stop waiting is minimized, and the product specifications are replaced reasonably and quickly. 1. The on-duty technicians prepare the replacement product specifications in advance

It is good to wash plush toys with baking powder.

Plush toys look good and fun, but for a long time, it will inevitably get dust and dirt. The latest issue of the American "Good Housewives" magazine introduces the reader to two good methods of cleaning. Put the plush toy into the big plastic bag, then put in one or two cups of baking po