TPA-â…¡ Tuina Manipulator

The measuring instrument can measure the parameters of the dynamic characteristics of massage manipulation, and conduct quantitative and objective research, thereby changing the traditional massage manipulation teaching mode and overcoming the subjectivity and randomness of teachers in teaching and

Autonomic motor model

Autonomic motor model Model of electric computer autonomic nerve system Shows the three directions of the lower nerve center, sympathetic and parasympathetic fibers of the autonomic nerve DIMENSIONS: 590 × 240 × 830 (mm) Irregular Bag Making MachineLiquid Pouch Packing Machine,Liquid Bag

Stem model of dicotyledonous plant

Stem model of dicotyledonous plant Material: PVC Product description: This model is based on sunflower and shows the tissue structure of dicotyledonous plants. Cross section: showing the stratum corneum, epidermis, cork layer, phloem, cambium and xylem, and medulla. Radial section: showing the st

How to choose a large format scanner

The following points are important for purchasing a scanner 1. Key Technologies The imaging system (Imaging System) is the core of the large format scanner, including image acquisition (Image Acquisition) and illumination system (Illumination). According to different image color methods, the lar

Goose prolactin antibody (PRL-Ab) ELISA kit instruction…

Goose prolactin antibody (PRL-Ab) ELISA kit instruction manual This reagent is for research purpose only: this kit is used to determine the content of prolactin antibody (PRL-Ab) in goose serum, plasma and related liquid samples. Experimental principle: This kit uses the double antigen sandwich

Solution deaeration

In the polarographic determination, there are two key factors to eliminate liquid and oxygen, there are two methods: chemical method and physical method. 1. Chemical method: It is convenient to release the chemical reagents (usually sodium sulfite for neutral or slightly alkaline solution, sodiu

The adaptability of ink to high-speed curl

The printing industry has experienced the development from quantitative change to qualitative change. The speed of the current gravure printing machine has reached 250m / min ~ 350m / min, or even faster, which puts very high performance requirements on the matching ink. We know that in the norma