Plum's stick figure and coloring (fruit)

Children learn to paint - plum's stick figure and coloring ( fruit ) Nowadays baking supplies are indispensable in our life, Bakeware Tools including Pizza Cutter , Flour Sifter ,rolling pin,cake mold,Butter Spatula,Cookie Cutter etc., they have many design

Stacking ink causes and solutions

In the lithographic printing process, the ink accumulates on the printing plate, the ink roller and the blanket, which affects the smooth transfer of the ink and causes the printing failure. We call this the failure of stacking ink. When the stacking ink starts to form, the text in the halftone po

Parent-child manual: weaving small towels

Parent-child manual: weaving small towels Mom and children can work together to create a beautiful little towel. The corrugated Shoe Box are normally made from corrugated material, can be customize in different size that for packing men, ladies and gents shoes u

Soft pottery maker pendant (African style)

1. The soft clay is soft to the state. 2. Then cut into a long cylindrical shape and cut four small parts. 3. Pick up the long column and arrange it straight. Then use the punching needle to rotate slowly and slowly until it is opened. 4. Cut the cut pieces into the fol

UV ink classification

UV inks can be divided into two major categories from use: UV printing inks and UV printed circuit board inks. Currently, UV printing inks for the printing industry are used in various printing fields such as offset printing, letter printing (including flexographic printing), gravure printing, scr

JaimeHayon Art Furniture

Page 1: JaimeHayon Art Furniture Page 2: JaimeHayon Art Furniture Page 3: JaimeHayon Art Furniture Page 4: JaimeHayon Art Furniture Page 5: JaimeHayon Art Furniture Page 6: Jaime Hayon Art Furniture Furniture alt=furniture src="" type=&q

How to use offset printing ink adjuvant

Ink auxiliaries are auxiliary materials that are used to adjust inks to different printing conditions. There are many types of ink additives, commonly used are relieving agent, dispersant, desiccant, anti-drying agent, thinner, anti-friction agent, varnish, anti-fouling agent, varnish, etc. The ro