On the daily cleaning method of offset rubber blanket

In the daily printing process, the blanket is constantly in contact with the ink and the paper, and the ink on the printing plate graphic is transferred to the paper, so that the ink, paper hair, and paper powder are inevitably adhered to the blanket (paper Filler) and other substances. This adhes

Estonia holds the "SOAPBOXES RACE" contest

[ Chinese and foreign toy network news] On June 9th, a unique "SOAPBOXES RACE" competition was held in Narva, the third largest city in Estonia. About 30 ordinary families from all over Estonia and the United States, launched 27 self-designed and unique toy box-type racing cars to parti

Knowledge Sharing: Baked Edition to Dirty Tips

When printing a large number of printed products, the ps version must be baked. After the printing plate is printed on the machine, the operator finds that the printed product has just been printed. Since the printing plate is baked, there are too many dirty tracks, so it cannot be handled with ha

The use of light and shadow in the design of the overal…

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The art of Chinese painting, pay attention to white space. The charm of the white space comes from the ingenuity of ink, and the black and white contrasts each other, forming countless ingenious and magical spaces and moods. In the spatial arrangement of i

The overall soft dressing house set off a new trend of …

Providing outsourcing products for the overall home improvement brand and strategic cooperation with other home improvement factor products is an effective measure that is in line with the development trend of China's wallpaper market. Many companies that have taken the lead in smelling busines

Analysis on the profit of furniture store and e-commerc…

With the gradual maturity of the Internet, China's online shopping market is also growing rapidly. Many businesses are competing to join the e-commerce army. However, the first to enter the online shopping market is the small goods industry that people need every day, but with e-commerce The de

Safety light fixture system and Aeroflex backpack syste…

VAUDE backpack introduction VAUDE Ward, an outdoor gear brand dedicated to mountaineering and leisurely nature-loving people, has always been highly praised by many outdoor enthusiasts for its high quality and high quality products. To this day, as always, the outdoor enthusiasts are providing mo