Evaluation: Kangbao furniture fashion elegant urban style

Similar to Apple's design of IPAD and IPHONE, the touch experience of the material in the sofa design, the composition of the color, the three-dimensional shape of the appearance, the ergonomics and many other home furnishings can convey the overall emotion of the home. This edition of the editorial evaluation of the Kangbao furniture E5-585 sofa simple and bright overall feeling and perfect use of comfort to build a escaping complex home space, and some are just stylish and elegant urban style emotional interpretation.

?Product display?

测评:康宝家具E5-585沙发 时尚优雅的都市风情

? Evaluation details?

Evaluation time July 30, 2011

Evaluation Location Guangzhou Weizhou Jisheng Weibang Store

Evaluation brand Kangbao Furniture (Kangbao Furniture Kangbao Furniture Quote Kangbao Furniture Forum)

Evaluation Products Kangbao Furniture E5-585 Sofa

Product material birch frame, small yellow cowhide, tempered glass, curved glass

Product specifications 1+1+2+3 sofa

Reference price 30,800 yuan / set

Telephone number 020-38115831

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First, the design highlights: Jane European modern + contemporary popular elements

The Kangbao Furniture E5-585 sofa has several key elements extracted from many elements, and its function is to make use of it to achieve the overall fashion elegance and perfect comfort. It is made of elegant brown oxen cowhide with birch as the frame of the sofa, adding black tempered glass and a contemporary element of transparent curved glass. The lines of the sofa are simple and smooth, and the lines are neat and generous.


Second, the sofa overall display

The Kangbao furniture E5-585 sofa series includes three persons, two persons, single person, floor cabinet, coffee table and floor cabinet. The overall style is uniform and can be customized.

康宝家具E5-585沙发 三人位

The seat is equipped with a headrest, the flannel material can be freely disassembled, and the head rests comfortably and also under the waist or as a pillow, free to match.

康宝家具E5-585沙发 双人位

Analysis and elimination of TIPS sofa failure

1. If the sofa is unstable after being placed, the four corners of the sofa may not be evenly grounded, and the other three feet may be padded to debug the feet that are not in the ground.

2. If the movable parts of the sofa are not flexible, it may be loose parts or lack of lubricating oil. Try tightening the connecting screws and adding lubricant.

3. If the paint on the wooden handrail is white, you may have been exposed to hot objects. Use a warm towel to remove the white to pale.

康宝家具 单人位

The overall lines of the sofa are soft and smooth, and each corner, corner, handrail, etc. are treated as soft lines, and the seat and back have buckles to add a noble temperament, no matter which angle you look at and touch, you can let People enjoy great comfort in terms of sight and touch.

康宝家具E5-585沙发 地柜

Third, the first layer of small yellow cowhide, delicate and tasteless

The part of the Kangbao furniture E5-585 sofa that is in contact with the human body is the small yellow cow's top layer leather, and the coffee table and the like are used for imitation leather. The leather is delicate and textured, the surface is very shiny, and it feels very textured. It is very soft to press, and the texture is fine and clear.

康宝家具E5-585沙发 味道

Close to the tasteless Xiaobian also deliberately put the water drop on the surface of the sofa so that the water drops are allowed to stand for a while before wiping, the hand touch the leather is still very delicate and not wet.

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