Zhou Xiuna & Pan Shuangshuang's tender model dumps all beings

The tender model has been rumored forever. Every time it appears, it shows people with super sexy attitude. It knows how to steal the mirror and is scorned by the supermodels. However, the tender model has become a force that cannot be seen, their makeup. Clothing has been enthusiastically sought after by young people, and it is likely to become a red star tomorrow.

1. Yang Ying Angelababy

The tender model dumps all beings

The Shanghainese is indeed the ancestor of Hong Kong's tender model. From catwalk to filmmaking, it is a popular trend. A quarter of German descent, 14 years old, and Xiong Yulin is the same sister, because the pure feelings gradually settled in the photography circle, coupled with the trend of brand cooperation, was praised by the tram men as the "goddess." She debuted very early and had already occupied a place in the hearts of advertisers, becoming one of the leading figures in the tender world.

2, Zhou Xiu Na

The tender model dumps all beings

Zhou Xiuna looks like a Le Jier, and she looks sweet, so it is called "Recensored Le Jier." Zhou Xiu Na once wore a three-point battle and smoked the lens while sucking ice cream. Her photo album "Kissy Chrissie" set off a wave of waves and eventually formed the "Zhou Xiuna phenomenon."

3. Jessica C.

The tender model dumps all beings

The mixed-race female model Jessica C was awarded the Queen's back seat with a pair of 43-inch slender legs. It also attracted the attention of advertisers with these long legs, and successfully became a shoe brand spokesperson. The broker also intends to make it the second Lin Zhiling.

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