2011's most popular brands

Because of the changing nature of women, they always pursue freshness, and they also promote the change of makeup trends. In the summer of 2011, what fashion storm will be created in the make-up brand world? Today, we will take a look at the most popular make-up brands in 2011.

Anna Sui 2011 Summer Magic Purple Makeup Series

Anna Sui 2011 Summer Magic Purple Makeup Series

1. Anna Sui 2011 Summer Magic Purple Makeup Series

The new 2011 end of the makeup emphasizes the creation of the most natural and flawless finish, with long-lasting moisturizing as the appeal, using the new upgrade and maintenance base with lavender eye makeup to create Anna Sui in the stylish makeup. The new Magic Rose Super Moisturizing Foundation adds a number of natural botanical extracts. The 7 natural ingredients are rich in vitamins C and E, providing a stronger antioxidant and moisturizing effect, effectively resisting and neutralizing the free radical oxidation caused by UV radiation. To avoid skin damage.

Anna Sui's new 2011 collection includes the Magic Nail Polish, Moisturizing Powder, Limited Butterfly Eyeshadow and Limited Butterfly Lipstick. The purple-based series of makeups fully induces the femininity of all women. The carefully designed light purple tones with butterfly patterns show contrasting double-sidedness and conflicting beauty.

2, Charm (MAC) 2011 Summer Makeup

The international authoritative professional makeup brand MAC brings the trend of the new season's make-up brand in 2011. The semi-matte texture reveals the characteristics of sputum and innocence and sexy. The focus of the makeup is on the eye makeup, bold gradual smoke and smoke makeup. Depicts a glamorous rock fashion style. It seems that the return of personality and beauty in the 1980s will not only follow the trend of the accessories, but also emphasize the unique attitude and personality of women in the makeup!

MAC's new 2011 make-up fashion makeup trend: draw the essence of the four major fashion weeks, this season's smooth black eyeliner, silky and flawless texture, angular lips, three-dimensional contours, will be juxtaposed into 2011 The mainstream makeup method of make-up trend, no matter what kind of makeup, there will be a mainstream soul throughout: through the exquisite makeup, to capture the eyes of everyone and breathe the unique charm!

3, Shiseido joint designer launched the 2011 summer makeup

From Japan to Asia, the machine was surveyed for more than 10,000 women. They found the "golden ratio of beauty" they were ravaging. The bright eyes of the eyes. Rich and full lips. Clear three-dimensional face. Create new styles like art with completely different new makeup techniques.

The first cross-border collaboration between Alexander Wang and Scheming is very close. He not only creates eye shadow, glossy lip balm and light-colored lip gloss in the 2011 makeup series. The packaging color and material design of the former two are further He arranged it in one hand. Alexander Wang uses his favorite black, mix and match matte and glossy materials to give a new look to the handsome and degenerate makeup.

4, NARS2011 spring make-up

In 2011, Fran?ois Nars personally took a look at the make-up brand vision in New York, where he was performed by Heather Marks, a model from Canada. Her most representative is the doll-like appearance - heart-shaped face, oversized blue eyes and a supple blonde - Marks is clearly the best choice for NARS's recent endorsement. This season, I was deeply influenced by the Lolita style. Nars said, the model I am looking for is to be able to interpret modern independent women, their inner-minded, innocent and innocent parts.

This line is neat and full of charm, the first is the spring eyes, the perfect blend of champagne and dark gray eyeshadows creates a sultry atmosphere, while the soft and clear face is a three-dimensional, red cheek Show vitality. The main focus is on clear, deep red lips and tips. The final expression is glamorous, full of luster, and absolute modernity, so that you can find the beauty of your beauty while improving your skin.

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