Red Star Meikailong wants Kunming to open four stores

On July 28th, the 2011 China (Kunming) Pan-Asian Habitat Forum and the Red Star Macalline Kunming and Qujing Store Global Investment Conference were held at the Century Golden Resources Hotel with the theme of “The South of the Clouds and the Rise of the Big City”. The famous economist Lang Xianping attended the event to talk about the opportunities and challenges facing home stores and manufacturing.

红星美凯龙云南再扩张 昆明两年将建四卖场

Lang Xianping pointed out that the Yunnan market is very worthy of investment and business opportunities are unlimited. As far as the development of the home furnishing industry is concerned, the most crucial thing is to obtain the pricing power of the industry. At the same time, the seven major links of the furniture industry chain, in addition to manufacturing, there are six major circulation links, including product design, raw material procurement, warehousing and transportation, order processing, wholesale operations, terminal retail.

At the China Merchants Conference, more than 2,000 domestic and foreign first-line home brand manufacturers and distributors were brought together. The Red Star Macalline Group introduced the guests to the guests. The Kunming and Qujing projects are the seventh generation of experiential shopping plazas built by Hongxing Meikailong Group. They integrate furniture, building materials, home decoration, design, sales and display. Home SHOPPING MALL. It is expected to debut this year.

At the same time, a series of strong marketing policies will be launched to enter the Yunnan market. For example, the introduction of the top 10 home improvement companies in Kunming and the marketing fund of 5 million yuan; the establishment of 30 days no reason to return, the difference compensation service system.

The relevant person in charge of Red Star Macalline said that in the next 2 years, Kunming Red Star Macalline will establish 4 home shopping malls and 2 to 3 department stores in Kunming.

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