Autumn decoration, guard against "pollution sources"

The autumn is getting colder and the decoration is getting hotter.

According to the habits of the South, many owners have chosen to renovate in the fall and settle in new homes a year ago. Experienced people know that autumn decoration has many advantages, such as dry weather, wood boards are not easy to return to moisture, paint and paint are easy to dry. However, professionals reminded that there is also a "sequel" in the autumn decoration, and the "source of pollution" must be guarded against.

Ms. Deng, the Qingyuan citizen, is renovating her family. When she talked with her colleagues about her new home layout, some colleagues reminded her to pay attention to the pollution problem. A friend of the colleague had a miscarriage due to the decoration. This makes Ms. Deng feel uneasy, and the invisible killer of indoor pollution will not be able to prevent it?

It is understood that in recent years, cases of various diseases caused by decoration pollution are not uncommon, but others say that pollution does not necessarily cause disease. At the same time, the medical community has not proved that there is an inevitable connection between decoration pollution and disease. However, many experts said that the cause of the disease may contain many factors, and decoration pollution is at least one of the main factors that cause disease, and it should not be ignored.

How to reduce the pollution of decoration? Senior interior designer Chen Gong reminded the new owners that despite choosing the best season decoration, they should be careful to prevent indoor decoration pollution.

Three major sources of pollution

For pollution, experts say that many decorative materials contain organic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, so a small amount of pollution is inevitable in the decoration. According to statistics, there are many reasons for indoor environmental pollution, and the decoration pollution caused by interior decoration materials and furniture accounts for a large proportion. Paints, plywood, particleboard, interior paints, etc. for interior decoration contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. Once these materials enter the living room, they will cause more than 30 diseases including respiratory tract, digestive tract, neurology, vision, and hypertension. These pollutions mainly exist in the following three household items.

The first is furniture. Formaldehyde can be said to be the most important pollutant in furniture. The materials, paints and adhesives used in all kinds of furniture contain a certain amount of formaldehyde. Long-term effects on the human body can cause many adverse reactions, such as strong stimulation to the human eye and respiratory system, leading to cancer and fetal malformation. Potential threats.

Followed by the floor, due to the strong adhesion of formaldehyde, it also has the function of strengthening the hardness and anti-insect and anti-corrosion of the board, which is very suitable for floor use. Consumers must pay attention to this when buying wooden flooring. Do not blindly pursue formaldehyde-free. In fact, the product with formaldehyde content is very harmful to the human body. In addition, there are some “zero formaldehyde” products, which is actually not possible. Therefore, it is best to ask at the time of purchase, the meaning of the so-called "zero formaldehyde", in the end is completely free of formaldehyde or formaldehyde content in the harmless range, not to be blinded by the publicity of the business.

Finally, the wall decoration materials, paint, thinner, various waterproof materials and other wall decoration materials mostly contain a certain amount of pollutants. In terms of overall performance, latex paint is superior to water-based paint, which is basically composed of water, pigment, emulsion, etc. These raw materials are not toxic, and the place where it may be toxic is ethylene glycol in the film former. Organic mercury in mold inhibitors. Therefore, the quality of the latex paint is basically safe to use.

Advocating heavy decoration and light decoration

In order to prevent formaldehyde from exceeding the standard, professionals suggest that the owner must pay attention to three points during the renovation process: First, avoid stacking. In the same size space, there is a difference in the environmental protection factor between one or two pieces of furniture and a lot of furniture. Even if the formaldehyde content of each piece of furniture is up to standard, it will become excessive. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to leave white properly; second, pay attention to humidity and temperature. The speed of the emission of harmful substances on the furniture has a great relationship with the temperature and humidity. If the adjustment is good, the harmful substances will soon dissipate; Third, ventilation. The problem of ventilation can not be ignored. Whether it is fresh air volume or wind change, the pollution in the room can be alleviated. If the air is not ventilated and the air is not circulated, even if the single formaldehyde content is less, the time will be longer because of the failure to discharge properly.

Although pollution problems exist, consumers do not need to blindly panic. As long as the source of pollution is correctly recognized, the environmental protection materials will be used as the main decoration to reduce the pile-up; if problems are found in time, the pollution of the decoration can be effectively controlled and the probability of illness can be reduced. In addition, it is especially reminded that pregnant women should not touch the decoration during pregnancy, and try not to go to the room being renovated, so as to avoid adverse effects on the fetus; the elderly should not be exposed to the decoration because of low resistance. After the renovation, pay attention to ventilation, and wait until most of the pollutants are released.

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