Furniture quality identification

If you have a strong irritating smell, don't buy a drawer, open the door, and experience the tears. If you feel this way, it means that the formaldehyde content of this furniture is seriously exceeded.

The price is relatively low, and it is particularly easy to bargain. Don't buy some individual workshops. Because of the large amount of materials with low quality and low price, the price of furniture is relatively cheap, and you can bargain thousands of dollars. Consumers look at such seemingly cheap furniture. Be careful. You may not see anything wrong on the surface. You may be happy after using it. After a while, you will realize the truth of “a penny and a share”.

The focus of wooden furniture is to see the material, texture and dryness of the wooden furniture. The material of the panel furniture is the original wood board, or the high medium density board and the particle board. The original board is the best.

From the degree of hardware accessories, the furniture grades of the brand furniture, its hardware accessories, such as smoothness, wear resistance, flexibility are very high, do not underestimate these details, because inferior furniture is to reduce investment in each process, in order to make money.

The surface of the furniture is 裱 stickers or paint 裱 affixed with cold and hot milk, which is best for cold heading; lacquer art is usually high-grade polyester, ordinary polyester, polyurethane, inverted paint, enamel, etc. High-grade polyester is the best.

Don't just look at "one piece of leather" to open the drawer, open the door, look at the inner quality of the furniture, start with its materials, workmanship, etc., don't just look at the surface, because irresponsible businesses only pay attention to "selling one Zhangpi."

Tables, sofas, etc. should focus on the overall firmness of the structure, the weight of the material fabric sofa should also pay attention to the professional configuration of the fabric, the resilience of the filler sponge, etc., it is an effective method to carry a corner by hand.
The leather sofa focuses on the back and the bottom. Non-brand manufacturers are easy to use in these places. They are inferior in quality, soft in texture, smooth in touch, uniform in thickness, wrinkle-free and spot-free. It is also necessary to carefully observe the exposed wood parts. Its level of workmanship and the level of application curve are important factors in measuring its value.

The fabric sofa should be seated many times, and it is becoming a furniture fashion by personally experiencing the fabric sofa with its casual style and comfortable texture. First, the fabric is a special sofa fabric, or the ordinary curtain fabric, mainly depends on the thickness and tensile strength; secondly, the main cloth is distributed. Whether the color matching is professional and harmonious; the third is the frame, the overall firmness, the light weight indicates that the wood and filler used are not in place, and finally the looper is opened, and the sponge and the foam are squeezed by hand. Sitting on multiple occasions to experience comfort and rebound strength.

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