How to choose the floor that matches the furniture?

In the process of home decoration, the choice of the floor can not be wrong, because it is too much trouble to replace. Then, in the face of all kinds of different styles of flooring, how should consumers choose? Of course, their favorite is the most important factor, but how to match the wall furniture is the most harmonious, there are rules to follow.

Chinese and Western wall distinguished luxury

Classical beauty is the beauty of the deep respect of the human mind. It is thick and rich, and it is the aesthetic essence deposited in the passage of time. Classical beauty has not been concealed by the fashion glory of modern society, but has become more and more a form of self-expression that is favored by the upper class. Chinese classical or heavy dark vintage furniture all reflect the master's cultural heritage and the memory of historical aesthetics. The colors of Marl Wood, Castle Oak, Baroque Oak and Lunar Oak are classical and heavy colours with retro-treated finishes that complement the noble and restrained king.

Expert suggestion: Chinese and Western classical colors are deep and supplemented with retro effects, decorated with white or light beige walls, classical lamps and oil paintings. The master's style is in the retro style.

Old castle oak is heavy and deep

The combination of classic and modern, the dual yearning and pursuit of retro and fashion, makes the beauty of inspiration jump in any well-designed place. Elegant maple and pearl cherry wood, as well as rustic Winsol gold oak and Winsol light oak, blend classic and fashion.

Expert suggestion: the floor and the classical furniture, lamps and doors can achieve a good overall decorative effect, and can also be equipped with beige, light blue, pale pink walls, highlighting the different style preferences of the owner, can be described as "light makeup" appropriate".

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