John's Perfume Ideas and Perfume Bottle Appreciation

Product concept

John Varvatos (John) Perfume is an instant classic, but also reveals a familiar and unique atmosphere.

As the designer himself thought, this fragrance conveys John's philosophy of life. He reveals self-confidence, elegance and the masculine beauty of men, and at the same time brings a perfect gentle and comfortable tactile sensation to people. From beginning to end, this perfume is filled with a woody and faint sweetness mixed together, unique and charming exudes a tempting oriental woody notes. Under the deployment of several very rare spices, John created the perfume of the same name, which caters to the needs of men who show personality style and posture.

With the advent of his eponymous perfume, John, like his outstanding performance in the field of men's fashion, brings a new style of masculinity to the men's perfume industry.

Bottle design

Inspired by the masculine temperament, luxury and texture unique to John's fashion boutique, the design of the perfume bottle also highlights these same concepts. Similar to the designer's clothing, the design of the perfume bottle is influenced by both traditional and modern ideas. The curved shoulders of the perfume bottle reflect the traditional side, while the silver logo, smart colors and prominent black leather highlight the texture. His modern side. All these elements are integrated together, both delicate leather and round glass, giving the perfume bottle a unique design.

The intricate pattern on the leather and the same high-quality glass bottle make the bottle a symbol of luxury and fashion. With this perfect representative work, John founded his own perfume brand.

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