Environmental protection knowledge of cabinets in line with national wood-based panel testing standards

Currently, the plates of the whole kitchen on the market are mainly MDF and particleboard. Relatively speaking, the MDF is more environmentally friendly, but it depends on the grade of the MDF and must meet the national standards for wood-based panel testing.

Key points: Although the whole kitchen is assembled on site, the backboard usually uses a single panel. The grade of this kind of board is generally low, which is easy to cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard. There are also similar problems with drawers, so pay special attention.

Countertop pollution

Although artificial stone has less radioactive potential than natural marble, artificial stone is also made of chemical raw materials, contains adhesives, and has odor, which easily affects indoor air quality. In addition, whether the pigment in the artificial stone is environmentally friendly also affects the environmental protection of the artificial stone.

Key points: Be sure to choose a branded artificial stone countertop. The countertop of 1000 yuan per square meter is more secure and the price is too low to be safe.

Auxiliary material pollution

During the installation process, part of it is to be cut and assembled on site. It is easy to be neglected that the sealing is not tight, so that harmful substances are easily volatilized, so it is better to seal the edges during the installation process.

Key points: If you choose to use glue during the construction process, you should supervise the installation workers to use environmentally friendly glue to avoid secondary pollution.

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silver paper other foil paper(150gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, etc)

kraft paper(100gsm,120gsm150gsm,200gsm250gsm.300gsm)


CMYK/Panton color


Offset printing, screen printing,  UV printing.

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Varnishing, glossy lamination, matt lamination, hot stamping, embossed, UV,rib, etc,

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