How to use a two-color printing press for four-color printing

Question: We have a Heidelberg Printmaster QM 46 dual-color press, and we have tried to use this printer for four-color printing. Although the results are good, we have also found some problems. First of all, we can only use A4 size paper and put its long edge into the mouth. We must use 200 g/m2 of paperboard and make slight movements to the register. What papers are more suitable for four-color printing? Are we going to hold the paper stack tightly against the spring during the entire printing process, or just keep it slightly in contact?

Answer: In order to get the ideal printing effect on the Printmaster QM 46 two-color printing press, we had better use 80 and 100 pounds of high quality portrait book paper. This helps us eliminate the "fan-out" and other registration problems that often occur at the corners of the page. If you have an infrared dryer, you can use 70% of the power to dry the first pass of the page, prevent the paper from shrinking, and then use 90-95% of the power to dry the last pass of the page.

If the job requires double-sided printing, the four-color printing on the front must be completed before printing the back. Otherwise, you will encounter the problem of "can't match" during the mid-to-long-run printing. In addition, if you do not plan to print four colors on the reverse side of the job on the same day, it is better to cover the semi-finished products with plastic. This helps maintain the moisture level of the paper, which in turn improves the product's ability during the second pass. Match rate.

When setting up the feeder, make sure that the position of the paper is accurate, and check the equipment before starting printing to ensure that it can operate normally. Once you are sure that the position of the job is accurate and the registration accuracy is good, then do not change it during the entire printing process. This will also help improve the stability and consistency of the job.

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