The quality of wooden flooring is mixed and the ratio is more than the best.

At present, the decoration market is warming up. There are many kinds of wooden floors in the market and the quality of the products is also uneven. This makes some people who are eager to decorate their choices.

It is learned that in order to let consumers favor their products, some companies often use a variety of beautiful words, or a variety of reputations, suggesting that product quality is safe and reliable. However, this is not the case. Many enterprise products do not meet the requirements in terms of process and quality. Defects such as deformation and cracking will occur soon after laying, which will cause consumers headaches.

The Yantai Consumers Association reminds consumers to pay attention to the following points when purchasing and laying wooden floors:

First, choose large brand enterprise products as much as possible. The product quality of these enterprises should be relatively reliable.

Second, be sure to ask the seller for the invoice, and pay attention to the preservation. The invoice should indicate the tree species, grade, specification, color number, quantity, area, etc.

Third, after purchasing the wooden floor, try to ask the seller or the manufacturer to lay it, so as to avoid the responsibility of the supplier after the quality problem occurs.

Fourth, the construction must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the factory.

The fifth is to carefully check the signs, including the name of the manufacturer, the site, the telephone, the name of the wood (tree species), grade, specifications, color number, quantity, inspection certificate, implementation standards, etc. The packaging should be intact and intact.

Sixth, at the time of purchase, the consumer may keep a package of wooden flooring with the seller. It is best to sign an agreement with the operator to clarify the details of the wooden floor and the liability for breach of contract. Once a dispute arises, it can be tested to determine the responsible party.

Product name suction silicone toothbrush holder
Crude material Food Grade Silicone 
Size 120*150*57.8mm
Weight 102g
Temperature resistance -40°C ~ 230°C
Color Gray, red, green(Custom color acceptable)
Usage&Function Hold water,milk, fruit juice or other liquid(except acid liquid)
Packaging Options (Custom packaging acceptable)Opp bag , paper box
ODM/OEM Accepted
Delivery Time 1) Sample order: within 2 days since received payment
2) Usual order: 7~15 days since received payment or deposit
3) Custom order: 7~25 days, depends on your quantity.
Certifications LFGB,FDA,SGS,and BPA free
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Silicone Toothbrush Holder

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