How is the elegant wine bottle made?

In view of the similarities between wine and beauty, designers are keen to wear Chinese clothes for the curvaceous bottle. Plus, it is a limited edition. It is the HauteCouture on the bottle. In the thick winter days, it is best to use it to draw beauty.

â—† Mandarin Mandarin Orange Cognac Wine â—†

Cosy Limited Edition

With the bottle design of the red velvet shawl, Cosy cooktail also has a gorgeous brown sugar for the cup decoration.

The Grand Marnier's 2008 Limited Edition "Cosy Cozy" is also full of rich flavor. A soft, elegant red velvet fur shawl covers the smooth and smooth bottle, foreshadowing the opening of this wine. The best time for celebration is the snow-filled festival. Enjoy the moment of “comfortable” with your friends.

Looking back at Mann's "fashion history", it is also amazing. Each limited edition of the year is used to decorate this bottle imitation from a dry distillation vessel using a variety of patterns and luxurious materials. Such as the "Pictogram pattern" in 2003, the "Special Red Red Luxury in 2004", the "French Touch French Style" in France, the classic decorative striped pattern in 2005, and the "Red Lounge" Lounge Lounge last year. "limited edition. Say "Mandarin" is a "closet in the wine", and surely nobody will oppose it.

â—† Royal Salute â—†

100 Barrels Featured China Limited Edition If you think that the "100 Bucket Collection" weight is too large, you may wish to choose a limited edition of Royal Salute for 21 years. The exquisite gift box also highlights its collection value.

What kind of clothes should be worn in the Chinese limited edition of Royal Salute? Luxury porcelain vase must be the most suitable for it. The Royal Salute 100 barrels selection is issued in a global limited edition. This is the limited edition Royal Salute 100 barrels selected in China. This is only 10 barrels in the world. It is dedicated to the Chinese ultimate achievers and is divided into 220 luxury porcelain vases. The bottles are all engraved with gold-plated signatures that symbolize the distinguished status of private collections. 2008 Royal Salute 100 barrels selection of limited edition luxury porcelain vases, pure gold signatures, specially-crafted gift boxes, the world's only limited collection number, and Royal Salute Chief Bartender Colin Scott personally signed the forensics of the collection. The distinguished identity of private collections is not only the supreme treasure of the Scotch field, but also a tribute to the master brewing art!

â—† Min Yue Midnight Gold â—†

Camille Toupet Limited Edition

The “wine label bow tie” at the bottleneck is a crystal sheepskin wristband.

What is Moody's Champagne, interpreted by young jewelry designer Camille Toupet? This limited edition of 1500 bottles of Midnight Gold is sold globally. The soft gold sheepskin fits the bottle and outlines the perfect curve of the champagne bottle. Swarovski crystals and gold beads are embedded in the sheepskin and echoes with sparkling champagne bubbles. . It is worth mentioning that the iconic registered trademark of Moët de Champagne, France, is the “wine label bow tie” at the neck of the bottle. It was designed as a leather wristband with Swarovski crystals.

Who is Camille Toupet? She is always dedicated to designing leather and jewelry for top brands such as Dinh Van, Lancel, Boucheron, Rochas and Loewe, and she can also see her latest designs in the LV jewelry collection.

â—† Absolute Vodka â—†

MASQUERADE Limited Edition

Take off the red clothes and reveal the bottle of perfumed shoulders.

The dazzling masquerade is in fashion. For this reason, Absolute Volt was inspired by the masquerade and launched the MASQUERADE limited packaging, which is full of charm and fashion.

MASQUERADE limited edition package is covered with red beads everywhere, dazzling, zipper behind the package, as if for the classic absolute vodka bottle tailored a gorgeous masquerade dress, sparkling with dazzling light.

â—† Chivas 18 years â—†

Alexander McQueen Limited Edition

Hand-made bottle caps were inspired by Alexander McQueen's British Royal Color Collection.
Chivas launched the Chivas Regal 18 Limited Edition with famous British designer Alexander McQueen. He designed a hand-made bottle cap for the bottle. His design inspiration stems directly from his current series of royal colors. The use of such vivid colors and special materials is also an intoxicating interpretation of Alexander McQueen's luxurious style. Alexander said: "This is a work of art that reflects the luxury quality and craftsmanship value of Haute Couture. You can see my signature mark and the color of the British flag on the blue 'leather' of the bottle. ”

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