Wooden decorative line

• In the decoration project, wood with good material, beautiful texture, uniform color and not easy to deform is often used to make decorative lines. From the wood can be divided into hard wood, imported wood, white wood, ash wood, hawthorn, walnut, eucalyptus, maple and so on. From the function, it can be divided into the edge line, the ceiling line, the column line, the pressure line, the upper line, the cover line, the edge line, the frame line, the wall line, the ceiling line and the like.

• The wood is generally made of hard, well-processed, paintable and color-sensitive wood with good adhesion and nail strength. It is machined or hand-processed. The surface is required to be smooth, angular, edged, curved and other contours, and there must be no distortion or oblique bending. The wood thread can be painted in wood grain and various paint colors, and can be butt jointed and spliced ​​and curved into an arc shape.

black/Brown Film Faced Plywood board Product information

Plywood Features

1) Face/back of plywood

black, brown, red, green,yellow etc.

2) Glue of plywood

MR, E2, E1 glue

3) Core of plywood

hardwood, poplar,combi

4) Sizes of plwood

1220*2440mm, 1250*2500mm,

5) Thickness of plywood


6) Tolerance of thickness

+/-0.2mm for 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, +/-0.5mm for thick plywood

7) Moisture content

Less than 12%

8) Density of plywood


9) Modulus of ruptur

More than 30Mpa

10) Modulus of Elasticity

More than 6000Mpa

11)Payment term

L/C, T/T, D/P




Strong export sea-worthy pallets


Brown Film Faced Plywood

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