Floor knowledge - geothermal heating

Insufficient radiators:

1. The heating effect is not ideal.

Everyone should have felt this way: Although there is heating, the body is not cold, but the feet are still cold. The radiator is mainly used to warm the room by hot air convection in the room. The room temperature is unevenly distributed. Generally, the heat is higher than the low place, and the heat is closer to the heat than the distant place.

The floor heating heats the entire ground, mainly through the ground heat radiation heating, evenly distributed at room temperature, and the feet are not cold. As the saying goes, the feet are warm and the whole body is warm, so the floor heating is more comfortable and there is health care.

2. The heat loss is large.

The radiator near the ceiling of the heated room is the hottest and wastes a lot of heat. Floor heating adds insulation to the floor, reducing heat loss in the house. If it is replaced by floor heating, the residents of central heating will feel the room temperature rise, and the households who are heating the households can save 20% to 30% of the heating costs (assuming the heating temperature does not change).

3, occupying the place.

Radiators generally account for 2% to 3% of the building area, reducing the use of the room, and also bring trouble to the furniture layout and decoration. Floor heating is buried under the floor and does not affect the interior decoration.

4, not beautiful.

Now better than before, many houses have buried the heating pipes in the wall, but the exposed radiators are still unsightly. If you use a beautiful art radiator, the next problem arises.

5, expensive.

Art radiators should be 50-180 yuan / square meter (heating area), a little better than the floor heating.

6, dust.

Because it causes air convection, it is easy to generate dust. When the water temperature is higher than 80 °C, dust particles will be generated. After a long time, the nearby walls and furniture will be blackened. The air in the floor heating room is relatively clean.

7, running, taking, dripping, leaking is inevitable.

The service life of the radiator is generally 10 years. There are many joints on the pipeline, and it will be difficult to avoid problems after a long time. Floor heating buried in the underground pipeline has no joints, the design life is 50 years, and the actual use is longer, because less than half of the time is used each year.

Insufficient floor heating:

1. It takes up 5 to 6 cm of floor height. As long as the net height of the house is more than 2.5 meters, there will still be a net height of 2.4 meters or more after the floor heating, and there will be no feeling of depression.

2. The underground heating pipe must be protected against damage by external forces. It is strictly forbidden to nail, punch, or groove the floor (you should keep the position in advance and mark it). Floor heating is safe unless it is damaged by external forces.

3, the ordinary wood flooring is easy to dry and deform, it is best to use floor tiles, laminate flooring, geothermal special wood flooring.

4, the temperature is relatively slow. The corresponding benefit is that the temperature is also slow (heat storage is good), and the room temperature drops no more than 2 °C after 12 hours of normal heating.

Other advantages of floor heating:

1. Ground noise. The foam insulation layer added on the ground has good sound insulation.

In general, the advantages of floor heating are many, which is in line with the development trend of building comfort, health and energy saving, so floor heating is becoming more and more popular. More than 80% of Korean homes use floor heating. Floor heating in China has become the mainstream of villa heating.

Floor heating will bring you a warm, comfortable, healthy and worry-free quality of life.

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