Green printing - the road that the printing industry has to go in the future

Ai Feng, Managing Director of Higher Education (Tianjin) Printing Co., Ltd., believes that green Printing is the trend of the times, and it is a difficult road to go but must go. The reason why it is difficult to go is because the printing industry is already a small profit, especially for state-owned books and periodicals printing companies, and the implementation of green printing enterprises will certainly have some investment, but the price given by customers has remained at the level of 18 years ago, many CEOs They are "green" headaches; in addition, books and periodicals are mostly processed, and whether the paper is up to standard printing companies does not count. And green printing is the road that must be taken, mainly based on the following considerations. From the perspective of the development of various industries around the world, "green" is an unavoidable problem, and the printing industry is no exception. At the moment, green is no longer a concept, but an action, a trend, a legal norm and a responsibility. This responsibility is the responsibility to the social environment, the responsibility for the health of employees, and the responsibility for the sustainable development of the company itself.

Cost path

Green printing is difficult to understand, and the rising cost of implementing green printing is the main reason why many printing companies in the industry are hesitant. The green practice of Higher Education (Tianjin) Printing Co., Ltd. may bring us some inspiration. They incorporate a green concept in their operations and are measurable and cost-effective. In addition, in terms of production management, Gaojiaoshe (Tianjin) Printing Co., Ltd. actively uses the ERP system, and this also contains wisdom. Ai General introduced: "Printing enterprises introduce a set of ERP systems ranging from several hundred thousand yuan. Ingenious operation, we only spent more than 100,000 yuan to achieve, and then through several years of independent development, the system continues to expand and improve, effectively meet the management needs." At the same time, ten years ago, Gaojiaoshe (Tianjin) India Co., Ltd. is also actively pursuing ISO quality management system certification. There are two internal audits every year, so when applying for green printing certification, "we only prepared for more than a month. I think that as long as there is a green concept, printing companies can still do something." Ai said.

The future road is a long way to go

As the first printing company to pass the green printing certification, Ai always has a clear understanding: "For us, certification is only the beginning of the green journey, and it is only the first step of the long march. The future path is How difficult it is, we are prepared in our minds. From 'light green' to 'dark green', we need continuous investment. This kind of investment is not only funds, but also endurance and perseverance. Only then will we not be abandoned halfway. It is also believed that with the advancement of the national green printing strategy, the reshuffle and integration of the industry will accelerate. As long as we persist, we will certainly gain something." Although China's green printing industry is still facing imperfect green industry chain support, etc. The problem is that the printing company is only a link in the green printing industry chain, but as General Ai said, "I should not take care of what I should not do. I will definitely start from the point where I am doing this year. Good next year, I can't do it in the future. Today's contribution is for the company to have a foothold tomorrow, I firmly believe that the implementation of green printing can win more for the company in the future. More opportunities to survive."

Finally, Ai always hopes that relevant government departments can promote the terminal market and ultimately achieve a win-win situation between green printing economic benefits and environmental benefits. (Editor: Wang Xuebin)

   The above content is selected from the 7th issue of “Printing Technology·Digital Graphic Arts” in 2012. More journal content please pay attention to the journal channel.

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