Appreciation of the effect picture of the bay window design

The bay window in the bedroom is a small space layout that is very common in a modern room. Many people also have a special liking for the design and decoration of the bay window. Let ’s follow the editor to enjoy the design effect of the bay window. The decoration design helps.

Appreciation of the effect drawing of the bay window design

This bay window renovation is located in the children's room. It is designed for children from all aspects. The star-shaped children's chandelier is not only beautiful, but also adds light sources for the night; the inside is built as a display rack for various toys; the window frame has a special lace edge blue Color curtains add a chic princess room element to the children's room.

A very typical new type of large window sill, which is simply transformed into a comfortable sofa. In the case, the collocation attaches great importance to the overall sense. The design of the bay window sofa is completely based on the bed. Not only the red sofa cushions and cushions are used, but the sofa The walls on both sides of the embedded part are specially attached with mahogany louver, which is in contrast with the hollow mahogany bed frame.

Curtains-two layers of screens and blackouts are convenient and practical; wall stickers-because this area has been converted into a children ’s playground, the lively and cute wall stickers help to stimulate the children ’s beautiful imagination while changing the monotonous wall surface ; Floating window cushion-colorful, help to develop children's intelligence, moderate hardness, warm and comfortable.

2 red small lazy chairs-help the host to arrange a good afternoon leisure time, nest in it, talk to each other about their concerns, or not to say, it is also good to simply look at each other; white screens-light screens Create a light and bright home atmosphere for the interior, satisfying the desire to relax; the order of the wooden strips-even in a small space, we must pay attention to the natural leisure leisure charm.

Simple shelf-change the wall layout to enrich indoor storage; thin screens + gray shades-create a warm and comfortable corner, enjoy the comfortable sunlight while maintaining a private; invisible storage tool-bay window close to the ground Some parts have been ingeniously handled, and they can sit and lie down and store various private objects at the bottom.

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