What should I do if the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is not enough? (A)

The compressor is the core component of the refrigeration in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber. The actual responsibility of the compressor is to increase the pressure and bring the suction pressure state to the exhaust pressure state. Insufficient displacement is one of the most prone to failures of compressors. Xiao Bian believes that such problems in the equipment are mainly caused by the following reasons:

1. The constant temperature and humidity test chamber valve spring force is not well matched with the gas force. If the elastic force is too strong, the valve plate will be opened slowly, and if the elastic force is too weak, the valve plate will not be closed in time. This not only affects the air volume, but also affects the increase of power and the life of the valve disc and the spring. At the same time, it also affects changes in gas pressure and temperature.

2, the failure of the air intake filter: fouling blockage, so that the exhaust volume is reduced; the suction pipe is too long, the pipe diameter is too small, resulting in increased suction resistance affects the gas volume, the filter should be cleaned regularly.

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber compressor speed is reduced to reduce the exhaust volume, the air compressor is used improperly, because the air compressor's exhaust volume is designed according to a certain altitude, suction temperature and humidity, when it is used in excess When the above-mentioned standard plateau is used, the intake pressure is lowered, and the amount of exhaust gas is inevitably lowered. The next chapter continues to provide you with a solution to the insufficient amount of air in the constant temperature and humidity chamber. Please continue to pay attention.


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