Gentlemen love the ups and downs of white double door wardrobe to help fashion

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The double-door wardrobe with white long body is one of the furniture chased by many fashionable youths. It is simple and elegant, and it can be a beautiful scenery, light and breathable white, whether it is bedroom, living room or entrance. Make the space cleaner and pure.

Case product : simple double door wardrobe

Brand : beautiful

Price : 528 yuan

White wardrobe design

Reasons for shopping guide : The bedroom in the house is relatively small, and the large wardrobe can not be placed. The long wardrobe is very suitable. The style is not complicated, it is simple, and the color is more like white.

Case product : white double door wardrobe

Brand : Taotao love wood

Price : 2097 yuan

Idyllic double door wardrobe

Shopping guide reason : This white double-door wardrobe is elegant and elegant, and the corners are round and round, showing the feminine temperament. The material is a selection of premium birch, which is more delicate, making the wardrobe structure more solid and durable.

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New model

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