Characteristics and precautions of LNB brand freeze dryer

LNB brand freeze dryer features & precautions


1, liquid crystal display, Chinese interface, with sample drying curve;

2. Imported compressors, with the addition of heat exchangers, increase the cooling capacity and improve the water catching capacity;

3, the cold trap opening is large, no inner coil, with sample pre-freezing function;

4, pre-cooling frame, can be used as a diversion bucket to speed up the drying speed;

5, cold trap and operating surface is all stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, transparent bell jar.

6, transparent bell-type drying room, safe and intuitive;

7. Stainless steel sample holder, the spacing of common sample trays is adjustable;

8. Novel design, small size and convenient operation, reducing the occupation of laboratory countertops;

Use attention


1 Open the main power switch on the left side of the chassis, the air pressure is displayed as atmospheric pressure 110pk;

2 Press and hold the total switch on the control panel for more than three seconds, the temperature is displayed as the actual temperature of the cold trap;

3 Start the refrigerator and pre-cool for more than 30 minutes;

4 Place the sample into the sample holder, cover the plexiglass cover, and activate the vacuum pump;

5 After the gas pressure is stable, record the temperature and pressure values.


1 Record the temperature and pressure values ​​before the shutdown;

2 Press and hold the inflation valve on the control panel and immediately turn off the vacuum pump;

3 When the pressure is displayed at atmospheric pressure, open the plexiglass cover and take out the sample;

4 Turn off the refrigerator, press and hold the total switch key for more than three seconds, and finally turn off the main power switch;

5 After the ice in the cold trap is completely turned into water, open the water outlet valve on the left side of the cabinet to drain the water, clean the inner wall of the cold trap with a dry cloth, and cover the large filter paper to prevent dust.

Operational safety

1 Prepare samples to maximize their surface area, which should not contain acid-base substances and volatile organic solvents;

2 The sample must be completely frozen into ice, and if there is residual liquid, it will cause vaporization spray;

3 Note that the cold trap is about minus 65 degrees and can be used in low temperature refrigerators, but must be insulated to prevent frostbite;

4 Before starting the vacuum pump, check whether the water supply valve is tightened, whether the inflation valve is closed, whether the contact surface of the plexiglass cover and the rubber ring is clean and free of dirt, and is well sealed;

5 Under normal circumstances, the machine must not be used continuously for more than 48 hours;

6 During the freezing process, the temperature gradually decreases. After the sample is taken out and warmed up for a period of time (still in the frozen state), the drying is continued to shorten the drying time.

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