Henggang glasses stunning appearance Shanghai show

“Eyeglass manufacturing is only the foundation, sales promotion is the key, and designers are the power of brand creation and cultural soul. Today, I am honored to meet with respectable designers and their glasses works.” Grand opening yesterday. "The 14th China (Shanghai) International Optical Industry Exhibition," known as "the father of Chinese glasses", 82-year-old Hong Kong Chinese Optical Manufacturers Association founder and Forever Honorary President Feng Kehua sentimentally to Shenzhen The reporter said.
At the beginning of the new year, the 14th China (Shanghai) International Optical Industry Exhibition opened in the spring rain. The novelty, fashion, trend-setting Henggang glasses “Designer Exhibition Area” became the biggest highlight of the exhibition. A total of 56 glasses enterprises participated in the exhibition, and nearly 120 booths displayed the power of the Henggang glasses brand to the world. The Henggang Fashion Eyewear Association also undertook the “Designer's Works Exhibition Area” set for the first time in the domestic eyewear exhibition. Ten Henggang Glasses corporate designers displayed nearly 2,000 new eyewear products. In addition, Mr. Zhang Jinpei, the Huaqiang glasses won the Gold Award of the German IF Product Design Forum, one of the three major glasses awards of the world, presented a special exhibition of the winners. Henggang Li Jianhua, who won the Gold Award for Best Industrial Design in Asia and Gold Award in the China Industrial Design Contest Eyewear Category, gave a keynote address on the status of Chinese eyewear designers.
Currently, the “Henggang Glasses” industry is mainly located in Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen. There are more than 400 optical companies, of which 380 are manufacturing enterprises, 20 are trading companies, and the annual output of glasses exceeds 100 million, and the annual output value exceeds 10 billion. Yuan, 95% of its products are exported to 120 countries and regions, becoming one of China's top five glasses production bases. So far, Henggang has become the world's largest brand of glasses production base, known as "the Kingdom of glasses."
Yesterday, Cui Yi, Chairman of the China Optics Association, said in an interview with a Shenzhen Business Daily reporter that the optical industry designers are a group of heroes who stand behind the scenes. We have created a “Designer’s Work Exhibition Area” on the basis of absorbing advanced foreign experience. It has created a stage and conditions for local brands to go to the international market and for the creation of excellent design works.”
Li Jianhua, senior eyewear designer of Henggang, Shenzhen, who has been the initiator of designer's works, has spared no effort in advancing the designer's exhibition for ten years. He excitedly told reporters that the China Optics Association has launched a grand exhibition of designer works during this exhibition. "District" has provided a platform for designers working on the front lines to exchange ideas and learn ideas. This dream has finally been fulfilled today. These outstanding designers are an important driving force for the development of the optical industry and an indispensable valuable asset for our industry. Some designers have been obsessed with work for more than 30 years and have never given up. Some designers have already made noises at home and abroad. It is their efforts that have moved us from yesterday's "OEM processing" to "China design, creation in China" today.
Cui Yi said that after decades of cultivation, we have already turned the “China International Optics Industry Exhibition” into a professional international trade fair for “branding, internationalization, and technology”. The “Designer's Work Display Area” will be The focus of our future work and an important part of the "six new" concept. We will work hard at the “Designer's Works Exhibition” level, and use this platform to discover talents, recommend talents to the market, cultivate more and more excellent designers, and create “Chinese Design, Created in China” Greater China Eyewear. Team.
Cui Yi revealed that in September this year, Beijing International Optical Industry Exhibition will organize the entire industry to carry out "designer works contest" and formally established the professional designer glasses industry.
The responsible person of Henggang Street stated that Henggang Glasses Fashion Association is currently the only government-led association in Shenzhen that will lead enterprises to carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation in various aspects and build a platform for the development of Shenzhen glasses enterprises. Create a fashion consumption chain, build "Shenzhen Fashion", and promote the overall improvement of the optical industry in Henggang and Shenzhen.
According to reports, at present, Henggang Glasses Fashion Association has developed nearly 300 members, widely distributed in Shenzhen Longgang, Baoan, Longhua, Pingshan, Dapeng and other 10 districts (New District). Now the association is actively playing its role. Together with the Longgang District Bureau of Economic Promotion, the District Production Service Group, and Henggang Street, it has completed the initial location of the “Hanggang Glasses Fashion Industrial Park” and is strengthening the brand promotion of “Hanggang Glasses”. , to create all kinds of public service platforms, with the District Market Supervision Sub-branch declared "Henggang glasses" regional brand, "high-end glasses production base", "the national optical industry famous brand creation demonstration area", is planning to declare the 2015 Henggang Glasses Branch.
Information from China Spectacle Trading Network/

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