How to correctly analyze the light loss of LED lens

The multi-head lens is formed by injection molding a plurality of single lenses, and can be designed into a 3, 1, 5, or even dozens of lens modules according to different requirements; this design effectively saves production cost and achieves product quality. Consistency, saving space in the luminaire, and making it easier to achieve "high power".

Light loss

1. The luminous flux of a luminaire with a bulb or a lens actually meets the light distribution required by the standard, and factors such as the transmittance of the outer casing, the lens, and the loss of light are also considered. The high power of the lamp or the general illumination requires the lens to diffuse the parallel beam to meet the standard requirements. In order to make the optical effect more reasonable, the lamp cover should be divided into rectangular small units in the design. The purpose of this is to break the wave surface of the light wave, so that the product has a uniform appearance. In each small unit, an ellipsoid is used because the surface has curvatures in both the horizontal and vertical directions, so that different diffusion radii can be achieved with different radii of curvature in both directions. Its fundamental purpose is to overcome the deficiencies of traditional technologies and make rational use of luminous flux to achieve uniform and efficient light distribution.

In fact, the outer shell of the bulb is PC material (injection completed), and the spherical, pear-shaped, and cylindrical bulbs are non-small units, non-planar whole shells, and the light loss is large and the light angle is small.

2. Since one surface of the lens is a curved surface having a radius of curvature in both the horizontal and vertical directions, the incident light can be diffused both in the horizontal direction and in the vertical direction. Since the radii of curvature in the two directions are independent of each other, the two curvatures can be separately adjusted as required, so that the light output is diffused to different extents in both directions. Therefore, using a lens composed of a bidirectional curvature surface, the light output can be more freely distributed according to design requirements, and the luminous flux can be utilized more efficiently, thereby reducing unnecessary waste and glare. Furthermore, since a smooth transition surface is used, the lamp has a uniform transition light distribution and a good appearance. A completely transparent PMMA lighting or lampshade can cause dazzling or glaring string light at the center of the light source, but the brightness is rapidly reduced at the periphery of the light source. Many social occasions and work environment lighting must eliminate this unpleasant atmosphere or minimize the source of light that causes eye discomfort. The lighting requirements of the drying oven LEDs are very high, so the instrument or lighting manufacturer must strictly review its quality.

3 In view of the effect of the incident curved surface, the light is deflected to form a diffusion. The number of cells, the size of the unit, and the radius of curvature of each lens in the product design can be changed according to the actual situation. The actual situation is that the internal grain on the lens of the high-power lens (for dividing the small unit) is made by the manufacturer, and only the lens height, angle, and material are considered when selecting.

The projection of each lens unit on the body is rectangular, so that the units can be arranged closely and neatly. The parallel incident beam passes through the refraction of the lens unit to form a uniform diffusion in the horizontal direction and a uniform diffusion in the vertical direction. By adjusting the size of each unit in a group of lenses and the radius of curvature in two directions, the distribution of the emitted light flux in different solid angle ranges is adjusted to achieve the light distribution required by the design.

4. We choose to place the light source on the inner side of the lens focus. The farther the light source is from the lens, the less the light flux of the light source collected by the lens, the lower the efficiency of the lens system. According to the calculation formula of single convex lens: r=(nL-1) f. Where r—convex curvature radius, nL—lens material refractive index, f—lens focal length

In the case of a selected lens material, the larger the focal length, the larger the radius of curvature. Under the same lens aperture Φ, the larger the radius of curvature, the thinner the lens. The thicker the lens, the more obvious the aberration will be, which will affect the effect. Therefore, choose a lens with a larger focal length as much as possible. At the same time, the focal length increases and the size of the optical system increases. Therefore, the focal length of the lens cannot be pursued to the maximum. Since the lens thickness is not very large, the Fresnel lens is not used, and the cumbersomeness and cost of processing are avoided.

Lip Gloss is a general term for a category of cosmetics for the lips. Viscous liquid or thin body paste, rich in various types of highly moisturizing oils and glitter factors, contains less waxy and color pigments. Clear and translucent, moisturizing and thin; moisturizing lips with strong three-dimensional feeling after coloring; especially outstanding in pursuit of special makeup effects.

Lip gloss use
"The lips are not used to talk, but to be sexy!" This sentence comes from the mouth of a French supermodel, which shows how important the lips are to a woman. Perhaps you always think that your lips are not full, the shape of the lips is not perfect, and the peaks of the lips are not three-dimensional ... In fact, these are irrelevant. The really attractive lips are the ones that look tender and soft, and the color is naturally ruddy, and these can be achieved only through a high-quality lip gloss and a series of skilled application methods.

History development
In ancient times, Cleopatra Cleopatra dyed her lips with a mixture of beeswax and crushed insects and carmine. Since then, women have always been obsessed with highlighting lips as an important facial feature. This practice has been popular for centuries because of differences in social acceptance. It wasn't until Hollywood stars really turned lipstick into a beauty necessity. Since the launch of Lancome's first lip gloss in 1998, the lip makeup has become more colorful, and since then, the lip gloss has gradually replaced the matte lip gloss. The packaging of this slender vial, with its natural luster like enamel and pearl and super lustrous lip gloss, is becoming more and more popular with consumers. [1]
Product Usage
The use of lip gloss can show women's sexy, charming, and at the same time achieve the role of moisturizing and protecting the lips, but also increase the beauty of the face, modify the contour of the lips, is one of the essential beauty cosmetics for modern women.
Product Categories
Crystal lip gloss: Transparent crystal lip gloss is extremely popular with young women, especially in warm seasons, it will add infinite charm to your transparent makeup. The resin component in the lip gloss makes it stick to the lips for a long time without being absorbed. Can be used alone or on top of a lipstick. After use, it seems that a bright layer of lip oil is applied to the lips, which looks crystal clear and transparent, making the lips long and fresh.
Light-colored lip gloss: It is a translucent lip gloss, which has rich colors and also has a luster effect. This light-colored lip gloss will form a natural and slightly transparent color on the lips, looking plump and beautiful. In particular, wine-red and light-red light-colored lip glosses have a rosy effect, which makes users look white and red, healthy and natural.
Bright lip gloss: The color is more intense than the first two, suitable for fragrant makeup and use on grand occasions. Its translucency is slightly worse, and it can cover the original color and even lip lines of the lips after application.
Pearlescent lip gloss: Adding sparkling pearl powder to the lip gloss makes lips look like the stars, especially under the light of the ball, it is more dazzling, luxurious, and the effect is longer .
Dyed lip gloss: It will be printed on the mouth and cannot be wiped off. Liquid lip gloss, containing jojoba oil, absorbs quickly, enhances moisturizing effect and elasticity, can be used before lipstick, or used alone. Compared with regular lip glosses, dyed lip glosses are more natural in color and more waterproof after use.
Different people may not have the same feelings about the same brand of lip gloss. Here is just a reference. Which lip gloss is really the "best" in your mind, and you may not know it until you try it yourself.
1) Apply on natural lips. Dip a light-colored lip gloss with a lip brush, apply it in the center of the lips, and then lightly blur. It can feel cold and fresh in the hot summer.
2) Pair with blush. Choose a lip gloss brush of the same color as the blush on your lips to show that your makeup is professional.
3) Apply on lipstick. Apply a layer of lipstick and then a layer of lip gloss to make your lips thicker and brighter.
4) Apply on the center of the lips. First outline the shape of the lips with a lip liner, apply lipstick, and then apply the lip gloss to the center of the lips. It's a very stylish application with a charming personality.
The lip gloss should not be applied too thickly, so that it is easy to remove makeup, and even fade when drinking water and talking. In addition, apply a thin layer of lip gloss, but the lip gloss will stay longer, and it will not feel greasy.

Lip Gloss

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