Sweet and light makeup steps can be beautiful at home.

Usually we can relax at home, don't deliberately put on makeup, don't wear cautious clothes. But if you still want to look beautiful, you can draw a home makeup sweet and light makeup, an eyeliner and a cotton swab can be quickly fixed!

Sweet and light makeup steps, home can also be beautiful

   Sweet and light makeup steps

STEP 1: The light makeup that can be done with an eyeliner is really simple. First, gently lift the eyelids with your fingers. When using the eyeliner to draw the eyeliner, be sure to stick the root of your eyelashes, then fill the inner eyeliner. Don't show the whiteness.

STEP 2: After the eyeliner is drawn, fill the eyeliner to make the middle part thicker, and the corners of the eyes and the end of the eye are thinner. This kind of eyeliner is convenient for creating a big eye makeup.

TIPS: If the novice MM is not used to the eyeliner, try to control some eyeliner.

STEP 3: Finally, use a cotton swab to smudge the eyeliner to make it look more natural. According to your own needs, it is very simple to apply mascara and apply lipstick to end the good makeup.

TIPS: In order not to show the dirty eye makeup, it is necessary to make a base before the MM eye makeup that is easy to fall off, and the cotton swab should not be smudged up and down. >>>7 Steps Pure Pure Nude Makeup Tutorial

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