What to pay attention to when buying balcony windows

The National Day holiday is approaching, and it is the peak season of annual decoration. The owners have begun to have headaches for the purchase of various decoration materials, especially the purchase of balcony windows. How to choose the right balcony window? The shopping guides in the building materials market have different opinions, which makes the owners more troublesome when buying balcony windows. This article has compiled some points to pay attention to when buying balcony windows.

The advantages of aluminum alloy windows are: high strength, light weight, small deformation, high stability, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, high wind pressure resistance, long service life, and rich colors

The disadvantages of aluminum alloy windows are: the price is more expensive, the thermal insulation and the sealing are poor.

What should we pay attention to when purchasing aluminum alloy windows?

First look at the material: in terms of thickness, the aluminum alloy sliding window has 55mm, 60mm, 70mm, 90mm, the balcony should be no less than 70mm, and the wall thickness is generally 1.2 to 2.0mm.

Test from strength: moderately bend the profile by hand, and should be able to return to its original shape after releasing the hand. From the perspective, the color of the same profile should be consistent, without obvious color difference.

In terms of flatness, the surface has no dents or bulges.

From the gloss point of view, there are no open bubbles, ash, cracks, burrs or peeling on the surface.

From the point of view of oxidation degree, the thickness of the oxide film should reach 10 microns. Slightly scratch the surface to check whether the oxide film will be wiped off.

Let's look at processing

Good aluminum alloy windows and balcony windows have fine processing, installation and explanation, good sealing performance, and easy opening and closing

The worse is the chaotic series and specifications, rough manufacturing, sawing and cutting instead of milling, poor sealing, and uneasy switch.

Then the way to open

Hand accessories for opening windows require additional money, such as hinged handles, etc., and removal is not required.

Finally, there is the difference between glass. The difference between vacuum glass and insulating glass is that there is no air in the former and air in the latter.

The sound insulation performance of vacuum glass is better than that of insulating glass. The heat transfer coefficient of vacuum glass is reduced by a factor of two compared to that of insulating glass, and the insulation performance is obviously better than that of insulating glass.

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