The price of mahogany furniture soared, experts suggested rational shots

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On August 19th, since April this year, due to the raw material crisis, the price of some domestic redwood raw materials and furniture has soared and triggered consumers to buy. Insiders suggest that the purchase of mahogany furniture should be rational according to their own needs.

The newly revised Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora entered into force on June 12. According to the Convention, 7 of the 33 species of redwood national standard are listed as protected by endangered animals and plants. Among them, Brazilian black rosewood is listed in Appendix I, prohibiting commercial international trade; sandalwood rosewood (commonly known as lobular rosewood) Tan (commonly known as Laos red rosewood), Central American Dalbergia, Dwarf Dalbergia, Belize Dalbergia and L. black Dalbergia (commonly known as Big-leaved rosewood) are listed in Appendix II, both of which require import and export permits. The certificate or re-export certificate can only be used for international trade, and its trade volume and trade authority will be strictly controlled.

The industry believes that in the future, in the international trade, the listed 7 types of rosewood wood will be extremely difficult to purchase, and the domestic mahogany furniture industry will face increasingly severe raw materials, especially the high-grade red rosewood raw material crisis.

Fujian Xianyou is one of the most important redwood distribution centers in the country. The high-end products of classical furniture account for more than 60% of the domestic market share. It is an important weather vane and barometer leading the Chinese mahogany furniture market. Since April this year, the price of Xianyou redwood has generally increased. According to Lin Aixin, director of the Xianyou County Arts and Crafts Bureau, the biggest price increase is the red rosewood, which is generally up 60% to 100%. As the price of raw materials rises, the price of corresponding mahogany furniture also rises, with an increase of around 30%. The continuous rise in prices has led to a wave of purchases of mahogany furniture, especially red rosewood furniture with less and less material.

According to industry insiders, from the long-term perspective, the price of red rosewood furniture will continue to rise, but consumers should be more rational when buying. Other materials of mahogany furniture also have good wood properties, which should be purchased according to their own needs and their own economic strength. . The mahogany furniture industry is mixed, consumers should choose big brands and merchants. When buying, pay attention to the product manual, mahogany furniture product quality card and product certificate; not only the material, the production process is equally important, the furniture made by the material if the craft Not good or worthwhile; there are not many channels for domestic rosewood. If you invest in mahogany, consumers should choose to carry out furniture repurchase business.

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