Safety equipment for grease equipment

Safety equipment for grease equipment :

For a long time, grain warehousing companies have focused their management on food reserves, stating that as long as food security is ensured, they have completed their work and neglected the safety management of oil and fat equipment. Although in recent years, through standardized and refined grain warehousing, the safety and management of machinery and equipment have made great progress, but there are still some problems, especially after the transformation of grain companies, they have not undertaken the storage station for storing grain. The topic of safety management of machinery and equipment is particularly prominent.
First, there are many kinds of food machinery equipment, outdated equipment, high frequency of use, and strong seasonality (especially during the period of acquisition and warehousing). The safety and management of mechanical equipment is not comprehensive enough.
The second is that some equipment has frequent movement homework, large amount of homework, combined with professional technical strength, weak staff, low level of oil and fat equipment governance, governance is not in place, the governance status is not optimistic. These problems are more or less existed in grain storage enterprises. In the long run, they will cause hidden dangers in the safety of machinery and equipment. In the course of use, they are prone to safety accidents. Especially during the peak period of winter and spring food and equipment acquisition and grain warehousing, staff casualties and equipment damage caused by food machinery and equipment often occur, resulting in personal safety and loss of state property.
At present, many problems still need to be solved in the management of mechanical equipment of grain storage enterprises, and the safety management of oil and fat equipment can not be ignored. Accurately analyzing and solving problems and contradictions in security governance can effectively improve the economic benefits of enterprises and have a very important significance for the healthy development of enterprises.

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