"Golden September and Silver 10" Buy a set of solid wood furniture

In a blink of an eye, and in the Mid-Autumn Festival, the sales season also came, "Golden September and Silver 10" became the most familiar words in the industry. Indeed, many merchants will seize the golden holiday of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day to promote sales activities, and consumers will also take advantage of this golden holiday to purchase the goods they need. Of course, the furniture industry as a member of the sales force is no exception. Consumers have a soft spot for solid wood furniture.

"real" solid wood furniture

“Solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of natural wood. The surface of the furniture can generally see the texture of the wood. Its advantage lies in the use of natural wood, the appearance is more natural, durable, green and environmentally friendly. Containing artificial additives, there is no hidden danger." Xiaolan Meixin furniture Wu Jianhua manager said.

“The moisture content of solid wood furniture wood is ideally maintained between 6% and 12%. If it is less than 6%, the wood is easy to dry and crack, but if it is higher than 12%, the wood is prone to long mites. The rate should be controlled between 6% and 12%. It needs advanced wood drying equipment, and it will produce a lot of waste. The cost is high. Therefore, although the solid wood furniture is durable, the price is relatively high.” It has been manufactured for 20 years. Huang Shifu, who has experience in furniture, said.

Choose "three steps" for solid wood furniture

With the rapid development of the social economy, people's quality of life has been continuously improved, and higher requirements have been placed on the quality of furniture use. At present, there are a lot of furniture in the market, and the styles are endless, but the quality is uneven. How to choose good furniture has become an urgent need of consumers.


It is important to smell the furniture. Most woods have the aroma of tree species, pine has a rosin taste, cypress wood has a light fragrance, and eucalyptus has a distinctly eucalyptus taste. However, fiberboard and MDF will have a strong pungent odor, especially in cabinet doors or drawers, which are easier to distinguish.


Before choosing solid wood furniture, the first thing to look at is the material. Generally good solid wood furniture, after opening the door and drawer, the wood is dry and white, the texture is clear, the texture is tight and delicate. Secondly, look at the pattern on the surface of the main material such as the cabinet door and the countertop, and whether the knot is inside or outside. If necessary, buckle it to see if the surface is pasted. At the same time, good solid wood furniture requires no irritating odor after opening the door or drawer.


When purchasing solid wood furniture, carefully inspect the legs, columns, and load-bearing bars that are close to the ground between the columns to ensure that there are no large knots or cracks or cracks. At the same time, check the sliding and positioning of the drawer to see if the internal wood-based panel is edge-sealed, and the various accessories are installed with many pieces, no nails and no nails.

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