Beijing furniture industry promotes energy conservation and environmental protection

On September 26, at the Fifth Standing Committee of the 7th Beijing Furniture Industry Association, “energy saving”, “environmental protection” and “emission reduction” became hot words.

At the meeting, He Fazhen, vice president of the Beijing Furniture Industry Association, informed the “Municipal Government on Clean Production, Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Policies and Regulations” and sounded the alarm for energy saving and emission reduction in the furniture industry. According to reports, the Beijing Municipal Government has adjusted a total of 1,200 polluting enterprises that do not meet the functional positioning of the capital in 2013-2016. The main measures and time nodes are set as follows: In 2013, the number of adjustments was 200, and in 2014, the total number of adjustments was 500. In 2015, the total number of adjustments was 800. In 2016, the total number of adjustments was 1200. It is worth noting that in the “2013 District and County Adjustment and Exit Enterprise Plan”, there are 23 enterprises involved in the furniture industry, and there are only 17 in Daxing.

"With the Beijing Municipal Government's efforts to strengthen environmental supervision, law enforcement and public awareness of environmental protection, future furniture will be inseparable from the green ring. Energy conservation and environmental protection will become the mainstream of furniture." He Fazhen said that the furniture industry must be conscious. Increase the necessary input and increase the intensity of pollution control from raw materials, design, technology, technology and equipment.

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