Differences between Epson printers' fifth-generation nozzles before and after encryption

What is the difference between the encryption and the encryption before the fifth generation of Epson universal printers? We all know that after the encryption of the fifth generation nozzle above the function, it is not possible to print a wide format product, so how can we see the difference between encrypted and unencrypted on the surface of the product? Today, let's take the Jin Gutian universal printer, a professional manufacturer of UV flatbed printers to tell you where is the difference between their surfaces? The following is a comparison between our new printhead and the old universal printer printhead. I hope that for those of us who are not familiar with encryption printheads:

Comparison of old and new nozzles

Internal circuit

I hope that for those who want to buy large-format universal printer nozzles and photo printer universal printer nozzles, we can really distinguish between encrypted universal printer nozzles and those without encryption.

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