How to design a commercial bag product is the most outstanding and reasonable

The business bag is different from the general concept of packaging and has a very strong liquidity. As a mobile "promotional product", it has become an effective means for enterprises to self-promote.

Classification of commercial bags

According to different uses, commercial bags can be divided into commemorative, advertising, special, and gift types. Commemorative business bags are most common in exhibitions and special events. These bags can not only reflect the organizer, but also better publicize the exhibitors. Advertising commercial bags are all made by the manufacturers themselves, mainly highlighting the manufacturer's logo, name, advertising language, etc., and are equipped with bright and eye-catching colors. This kind of commercial bag matching with product distribution, or through the form of trade fairs, press conferences and other forms of delivery to people's hands is also a commonly used means. Special-purpose business bags are versatile. For example, the bags printed in major shopping malls are designed to show only the shopping mall's logo, name, address, telephone, etc. It is suitable for all kinds of commodities in shopping malls, which can make the shopping mall's reputation more popular . Some publishers also have similar bags, which appear in book markets and new book release days.

With the rapid development of the gift industry, various gift papers and gift bags have appeared in the market. Paper gift-type commercial bags with different specifications not only meet the market needs, facilitate people's lives, but also play a role in expressing emotions .

The performance of business bags

The design of commercial bags is a flat design, and the image performance is nothing but flat figurative and figurative deformation. Semi-abstract, abstract, etc., one graphic with multiple expressions, one composition with multiple ideas, and one creative with multiple applications. No matter what performance method is adopted, the ultimate goal is to achieve publicity. The purpose of establishing corporate and product image.

1. Representation of painting form

The application of painting forms is most common in the design of commercial bags, whether it is painting, freehand drawing, or watercolor painting. Crayon drawing. Spray painting, or stick drawing, comics, etc., can well represent the role and style of commercial bags. The expression method of painting form is suitable for department stores. Food stores, clothing stores and exhibitions. The commercial bags designed with this expression method not only have prominent themes, bright colors, but also more fun and meaning.

2. Photographic expression

The use of photographic works to design commercial bags is both simple and effective. The photographic work can be a single frame or multiple collages; it can be a good product for advertising photography, or it can be a movie still or star photo. The photographic expression method is suitable for occasions such as department stores, advertising companies, gift shops, and clothing stores.

3. Calligraphy expression

The use of text is an important form of business bag design. The location of the font, the change of the font, the contrast of the font color and the background color, etc. are particularly important, even the simple monochrome design is no exception. Calligraphy expression is a seemingly simple design technique, but it is not easy to obtain outstanding design effects, because the combination of monotonous characters looks concise and lively, fresh, and inseparable The designer's unique conception and color application.

4. Representation of corporate logo

This is a direct expression method to promote the image of each industrial and commercial enterprise. The design of the business bag, especially the design of the bag in the form of a logo, can only have one logo appear, or multiple logos can be repeatedly designed, or the logos can be arranged regularly as a shading, or the logo color can be changed to use different textures. Pattern. Strive for harmony in the matching of colors, and stand out in unity.

5. Pattern expression technique

Designing commercial bags using color, color block segmentation, flowers and other figurative or abstract patterns is not only rich in novelty and sense of the times, but also a unique expression. The expression technique of pattern form is also suitable for occasions such as department stores, exhibitions, art galleries, etc. When designing, you should master the complementary colors, contrast relationship and division ratio, the patterns should be concise, and the text placement should be decent. [next]

Main points of pre-press design for commercial bags

When designing a business bag, not only the thoughtfulness, authenticity, and artistry of the advertising performance must be considered, but also the characteristics of the printing process, so as to improve the advertising performance. The following issues should be noted when designing commercial bags before printing.

1. The design drafts of which the opening number of the paper does not match the opening number, no matter how excellent, will also cause paper waste. Therefore, it is best for designers to have a paper sheet on hand for reference.

2. Types of paper When designing commercial bags, care should be taken to properly select the type of paper. For example, color printed commercial bags can use single-sided coated paper, and the paper weight can be lower. In addition, clever use of the texture effect of different paper surfaces, according to the design content, choose cloth paper, egg paper, glossy paper, etc., in order to achieve better design and publicity effect. Many commercial bags are used outdoors. In addition to choosing durable high-quality paper, pay attention to the use of high-quality inks that are not easy to fade.

3. Picture processing The pictures prepared for plate making should be scaled up or down in proportion to the size of the original in the size of the design draft. According to the design needs, crop or hollow out the unnecessary content in the picture.

4. The color design designer should have a printed chromatogram on hand for color selection. The design color should use yellow and magenta as much as possible. Combination of cyan and black colors, less spot colors, so as not to increase costs. In the design, it should also avoid using large areas of dark color as the background color.

5. Text design When designing text, italics and overly small text should be avoided; reversed characters should not be used for imitation Song characters with smaller font sizes: font size for bold fonts should not be too small. In addition, the text on the light background should not be designed as reverse white, and the text on the dark background should not be too dark.

6. Matching with post-press processing When designing commercial bags, consideration should also be given to post-press processing requirements. For example, the surface of commercial bags should be covered with film. When designing, large-scale dark colors should be avoided as a base to avoid film The bubbles generated during the process are too obvious, which affects the aesthetics of commercial bags.

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