Heidelberg Rotary Electric Control Technology

Once, the company's Heidelberg Harris eight-color rotary machine had an electrical failure, and all the buttons failed (including on-point, anti-point, slow speed, long vehicle, acceleration), the red and green indicators were all off, but all safety circuits ( (Emergency stop circuit, safety door circuit, bumper circuit) are normal, PLC input signal is also normal, but no output. It is estimated that the PLC is malfunctioning, and he intends to ask Heidelberg to repair it, but considering the cost problem, he will carry out the technical reform by himself. The brief plan of implementation is summarized as follows and shared with colleagues.

First, before removing the original PLC, carefully check each input and output signal of the PLC, record the usual operating methods and procedures, clarify its definition, and the normal operating conditions and performance of the machine, in order to fully restore the various items The functions and ease of use for the operator lay the foundation. The specific operations are as follows:

1. The device is in the standby state, the green lights on all operation panels flash and can be turned on; press the emergency stop or open the safety door, all the red lights are on, the green lights are off; can not start and jog; open the printing unit bumper, bumper indicator The red light is on, and you can only click on the printing unit of this group.

2. The machine is in the standby state, and the folding machine can be moved forward and backward without closing the folding machine; when the folding machine is closed, it can not be reversed. At this time, press the positive jog button, do not let go after the bell rings, and then press the Slower button Can enter the long car.

3. When the machine enters the long vehicle state, the pressure can be turned on. After the pressure is turned on, the machine accelerates. When the speed reaches 10%, the brush motor turns, hydrates, inks, and turns on the oil pump; when the speed reaches 20%, the paper break detection When the machine is working, when the speed is reduced to the minimum speed, press the stop button to stop and automatically release the pressure.

4. When the machine is jogging, press the jog button to ring for 4 seconds, the machine rotates forward, release the punctual point, it should no longer ring, and the machine can rotate forward immediately; if the clutch is disengaged, the point is reversed, The state is the same as the punctuality, which is convenient for the operator to complete the operations of loading the plate, installing the blanket, and cleaning the blanket.

When the input signal is cleaned again according to the original image, it is found that the input signal is all AC 110V, but because the market is difficult to buy Mitsubishi PLC with AC 110V as the input signal, AC 110V relay is used for signal conversion. Can be resolved. Finally, 12 input signals and 16 output signals are synthesized. Among the output signals, 5 are DC 24V and the others are AC 110V. Considering that what we have done is technical improvement, it is inevitable that the original function of the machine may be lost, so the PLC of the relay output type is selected.

In summary, a ladder diagram of electrical control is drawn on request. Enter the instruction according to the ladder diagram, connect the line, check the correctness, power on, start up, and verify that the performance has reached the expected target. After being put into production, the electrical operation is normal and stable.

PP Danline Plaited Rope

PP danline plaited rope product by 100% polypropylene raw material, through wire drawing, twisting, then the processing woven. The rope light specific gravity, good floating water, in the vessel operation is very efficient. And cheap is the cable products on the market top utilization rate, it`s tensile strength higher than that of polyethylene rope, have good wear resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, and UV radiation. More used in ship mooring, towing, Marine fishing, Marine aquaculture and so on.


High strength & wear resistance

Lower weight than polyester rope

Low working elongation

Superior flexibility     

Non-Rotating and Easily spliced

polypropylene 8 strand rope

polypropylene rope


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A: 30% TT deposit + 70% TT against the B/L copy within 3 days.

Q.:What about the lead time?

A: We need  3-7 days to get the samples ready, for bulk goods, it will cost 15-60 days,up to the quantity.



PP Danline Plaited Rope

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