Impact of climate change on the quality of film printing

With the development of the flexible packaging industry, the continuous expansion of the plastic printing industry and the fierce competition in the market, the plastic gravure printing companies face many difficulties and problems, especially the cold food and beverage market. Some companies use low-grade materials for color printing bags, although the price has a place, but there are many quality problems, the following analysis of climate change affects several issues of printing quality:

Impact of climate on film performance

Changes in the climate have changed the performance of the plastic film. The temperature and humidity are too high. The water absorption of the film is also relatively high. The printing ink is not easy to dry, which directly affects the gloss of the ink color. Because the ink dries too slowly, the drying conditions are increased during printing, and the ink is forced to volatilize too quickly, resulting in poor gloss and poor ink color. Such as printing nylon film with high temperature, high humidity, and more prominent, some poor firmness and other phenomena are easy to occur. Based on these circumstances, use the recently produced film when you use the film and pay attention to the packaging of the film to avoid the above phenomenon.

Impact of climate on ink performance

The quality of ink drying performance directly affects product quality. In addition to the drying conditions of the ink itself, the influence of the climate is most important for the drying of the ink. The impact of climate can be divided into: too fast drying, too high temperature, and too low humidity. The humidity is too high and the temperature is too high, which makes printing more difficult. The drying speed of the inner layer on the printed matter in the high temperature season in summer is obviously too fast, while the drying of the ink layer is obviously slow. Therefore, to slow down the ink's response to the environment temperature and humidity, use the solvent that meets the national standard to prepare the fast-drying thinner when mixing the ink thinner, and then control the temperature and humidity of the workshop. The general printing workshop is around 25 ° C and the humidity cloth is 65% — Between 75%.

Controlling the impact of climate on printed products

When the temperature is too high and the humidity is too high, the pigment powder of the ink itself is easy to absorb water. If the water absorption rate is too high, it may make the ink thicker and fail to meet the requirements of the printed matter. Because the color of the ink is different, the pigment powder used does not matter. The water absorption rate is also different. Example: Red pigment powder has higher water absorption than other pigment powders. Therefore, when the climate changes, the ink fountain should be controlled when the temperature and humidity are too high, and a semi-closed ink stirring rod should be adopted. If water droplets appear on the ink fountain, it should be sucked out with sponge in time and new ink should be added in time. Immediately after stopping, the ink in the ink fountain is discharged and sealed.

Control the quality of solvents: In addition to controlling the impact of climate on printed products, it is necessary to use solvents that meet the national standard. Many companies use surface printing inks instead of composite inks. The performance of general surface printing ink is different from the performance of compound Shan ink, the use of solvent is also different, the solvent can not meet the requirements, the contained ingredients are different, the volatilization rate is different, some solvents have too high water content, added to the ink After a period of time, the water is absorbed by the pigment powder, it is easy to react, causing separation and expansion, and it is also easy to appear the compounded odor and bubbles, which affect the firmness. When printing on the surface, the inner layer is too thick, the thin material can not meet the requirements, and it is easy to cause the phenomenon of primary and secondary adhesion. Therefore, controlling the quality of the solvent is an important guarantee for the quality of the printed product.

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