How to deal with the matching of ink and paper in printing

When the printing staff orders ink from the supplier, it is best to submit a sample of the printing material they want to use. Ink manufacturers can formulate products that achieve the best results based on the surface characteristics of the sample to be printed.

Ink manufacturers can carry out the precise composition of the surface of the submitted sample, and can determine that the ink with the complex composition they provide can adhere well to the surface to be printed, especially on the coated surface. Because ink analysis technology is currently very advanced, the results of the analysis are also more accurate. This phenomenon is due to the increasing interest in ink / paper interaction among researchers in the ink and paper industry.

At the 1996 TAGA annual meeting, two papers were read, one on how paper coating affects the interaction between paper and ink during the offset printing process; the other discusses the same issue for the publication of gravure water-based inks . The first paper believes that in the surface properties of coated paper, smoothness, porosity and a-receiving are important factors affecting printing performance, especially the mechanism of ink splitting. It found that these properties affected the flow properties and viscosity of the ink over time (Tack buildUp). Understand the importance of this phenomenon

Because the effect of the final product will be affected by the structure of the coating layer and its chemical properties. Printers need to understand and explain this phenomenon to customers. Although highly coated paper may provide improved printing performance and the ability to accept and restore images, there is a loss in optical characteristics, especially in terms of gloss.

Among these variables, the chemical properties of the paper coating are its binder, dispersed particles, and filler grades such as clay. For these variables, the adhesive level is the most critical, because it has the greatest impact on ink viscosity. The increase in the composition of the binder reduces the porosity of the surface, which will limit the capillary action of the ink in the paper.

If ink manufacturers can test the paper used, they can develop corresponding ink formulations to optimize the printing and optical properties of the paper. Problems with water-based inks

The second paper discusses how printing performance is affected when gravure personnel use water-based inks instead of traditional solvent-based inks. This has many benefits, including low levels of hazardous air pollution (HAP) and volatile organic components (VOC). This ink also reduces printing press management and insurance costs, and reduces the risk of fire and explosion.

However, the progress of the development of water-based inks is very slow, partly because it is not the same as the chemical characteristics of solvent-based inks. If the water in the ink swells in the material fibers, the printing quality will also be affected, resulting in ink gloss. Reduce and tone dot deformation. The problem of drying with water-based ink is more critical than solvent ink, because if the ink is not dried well, it will cause the transfer of the ink to the closed roller and will cause the image to be deformed.

Paper surface properties, such as smoothness, hygroscopicity, fastness and surface tension, have a great influence on the smoothness of printed matter. Even small white spots and flaws on the surface of the paper may produce dot deformation. The overall problem of using water-based inks is the phenomenon of moiré and moire.

In the second paper, it was also found that the internal dimensional change of non-coated paper enhances the printing properties and printing quality of water-based inks, and the printing quality changes as the dimensional change increases. The effect of fiber swelling can be minimized by making the paper hydrophobic, but the print quality may deteriorate quickly.

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