How to save paper by trial paper receiving in rotary machine

I have debugged a second-hand wheel transfer newspaper machine. During the testing process, only the paper pick-up process was used, which consumed more than 20 tons of roll paper and was worth more than RMB 100,000. It was very wasteful. Generally, when adjusting the paper receiving, it depends on the belt tension and transmission of the cantilever device, the position of the reflective eye of the electric eye, the position of the brush, the knife holder, and the pneumatic device. Sensing the position of the electric eye, etc., and only one paper roll can be picked up after the other. In this way, if you want to test multiple projects, you must use the second and third paper rolls. Such a test machine wastes time and paper rolls, and the work efficiency is low. It is a waste of resources for the company.

In order to solve many shortcomings caused by the poor paper exchange method of high-speed rotary machines, and to save paper and save time, we adopted the following paper exchange method.

1) When the paper roll of the first paper holder will be printed, and the diameter of the paper roll is still about 50 cm, turn the paper holder 1 to the position of the paper holder 2, and the paper holder 2 will be turned out to load paper;

2) Put the paper roll on the paper holder 2. The method and location of joint sticking, including tape, aluminum foil tape, paper rolls, etc., should be in line with working conditions;

3) Because the paper roll on the paper holder 1 blocks the photoelectric sensor controller under the machine (the photoelectric eye inside the operation wallboard is about 80cm away from the ground, and the reflective wall below the inside of the transmission wallboard is about 20cm away from the ground), you need to clean For the electro-optical eye used, find another reflector, and manually align it with the photoelectric eye on the inside of the wall panel to make the cantilever belt fall, and the paper pick-up procedure starts automatically;

4) Remove the reflector, turn the paper roll on the paper holder 2 to rotate, and reach the working part of the paper receiving to complete the automatic paper receiving.

If you can't connect the paper, you can use the paper roll on the paper holder 1 to try again until you connect the paper roll 2, and you can use the reflective plate to illuminate the photoelectric eye multiple times. This method is also applicable to models of the same paper receiving principle. It is not necessary to make another paper roll after printing. Practice has proved that paper rolls with a diameter of about 40 cm can be tested for paper picking 4 to 5 times, which can save four or five paper rolls and a lot of paper picking time.

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