Middle-aged Savoia Retro Cloakroom

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The cloakroom has gradually become a must-have space in the family. People of different ages have different needs for the design style and style of the cloakroom. Today, Xiaobian introduces a cloakroom suitable for middle-aged people--Sophia retro cloakroom.


product description:

Evaluation product: vintage cloakroom

Evaluation brand: Sofia

Evaluation details:

Sophia cloakroom

On the whole, this wardrobe gives a noble temperament, antique colors and simple styles are a collection of history, culture and art. The elegant shape and delicate lines combined with the humanized functional design make this retro wardrobe. The simple and elegant style contains this modern spirit, elegant and romantic yet luxurious.

Cloakroom evaluation

From the details, we can easily find some elegant and noble temperament. It is not a simple and simple design. The edges and corners are designed at the corners. The lines are clear and the structure of the hollow is high-profile to attract people's attention. The clever embellishment makes the whole door look particularly tall and stylish. Director's confidence and temperament.

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