Why the PS version's printing resistance is not high

The PS version is a pre-coated photosensitive material. The printing is composed of many links, and each link must be strictly operated to ensure the quality of the printing. There are many reasons for the poor printing durability of the PS version. The printing conditions of various printing plants are different, such as: running out (before exposure and before development); the density of the positive film is insufficient; overdevelopment; drug adhesion; use PS The use of strong plate cleaning agent and cylinder cleaning agent in the plate cleaning agent; excessive printing pressure; too much paper powder, etc. may cause a drop in the pressure resistance.

The main countermeasures for treatment are illuminated with yellow safety lights to fully block harmful light; remake the positive film (density above 1.5); develop under standard conditions; configure appropriate developer, pay attention to development time; do not use inappropriate drugs ; Reduce the number of wiping; use a relatively mild cleaning agent; adjust printing pressure, etc.

The printing plant can refer to the above reasons to see if they have neglected a certain link, and at the same time master the correct exposure, development methods and operating procedures to achieve the best use of the plate material.

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