Variable sleeve size offset printing technology (VSOP)

When changing the printing size of a traditional printing machine, the entire insert needs to be replaced, and the variable sleeve size offset printing technology (VSOP) is used. Only two sleeves can be changed. In the past, the sleeve has improved the level of flexo printing technology. Now, VSOP has successfully brought it into the field of offset printing technology. It allows the offset press to flexibly replace sleeves of any size, and can easily and quickly change the printing rule of the printed product. "The cost is low. VSOP printing is suitable for cardboard carton packaging, flexible packaging (paper, plastic film and aluminum film packaging), and can also print labels, inserts and commercial printing. Its characteristics are as follows:

(1) The size of VSOP sleeve can be changed steplessly: 381mm--762mrn, printing conversion only needs a few simple steps;

(2) Due to the use of offset printing, the price and supply time of printing plates are much cheaper and faster than flexo and gravure printing;

(3) The cost of sleeves and offset printing plates is low, and the delivery time is fast. Even if the printing plant is used for short-run printing, it is also profitable. The delivery time of the sleeve can be completed within 2 weeks, and the maneuverability is very strong. VSOP uses Xuan type sleeve, which is fast and user-friendly;

(4) VSOP provides a complete solution for various printed materials, and the development of UV drying technology makes the odor very low during the production process.

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