Super large core board does not mean wardrobe environmental protection

[Chinese wardrobe net] formaldehyde depends on the glue

When you mention a large core board, I am afraid that the first reaction to people is formaldehyde. In fact, the current large core board has been very different from the original large core board.

According to the professional introduction, since the large core board is glued by a single piece of wood, and the formaldehyde we are currently talking about is actually emitted from the glue, therefore, the environmental protection large core board and the inferior quality are large. The main difference between the core board is the quality of the glue. The reporter visited the production process of the large core board at a wooden industry. Because of the use of environmentally friendly glue, the production site only had the smell of dried wood and could not smell the formaldehyde. According to the technical personnel, the production of a large core board requires more than 30 processes. After the poplar is processed into wooden boards, it needs to be dried first, then it is reduced in the natural state, and the moisture can be controlled at about 7%. The reduced wood board is sliced. , splicing, brushing, pressing and other processes to make a large core board. A large core board is generally composed of about 30 pieces of wood chips.

Identify quality methods

According to the technical personnel, since the internal quality of the large core board cannot be understood from the appearance, in addition to the formaldehyde emission, there should be reports of moisture content, bonding strength and thickness. Consumers can also judge by simple means. The large core board is observed against the light. The white ones indicate that the density of the wooden blocks is not enough; when the sound is picked up, the sound is heard, and the squeaking sound indicates that the bonding strength is not good; the vertical position is placed, the corners should be straight, and the diagonal error should not exceed 6 Millimeter.

Green standard can confirm

Experts remind consumers that the so-called "special" large core board in the market is only the product quality standard of the manufacturer and cannot be used as a standard for environmental protection. At present, the European wood product standard divides the formaldehyde emission into four grades: E0 grade (formaldehyde emission is less than 0.4MG/L, which is the highest grade); E1 grade (formaldehyde emission is less than 1MG/L); E2 grade (formaldehyde emission) Less than 4MG/L); E3 (formaldehyde emission less than 10MG/L). Among them, the E0 and E1 grades are environmentally friendly building materials that are harmless to the human body. The current national standard minimum limit is: formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 1.5MG / L.

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