Evaluation: Enjoy the lazy Novi home gray oak leather sliding door wardrobe

Lovica's products seem simple, but they are very memorable, and people who need to use it slowly discover. This gray oak leather wardrobe also expresses the classic and elegant connotation through the fashionable and simple design.

The sliding door is the face of the wardrobe and the naming main body of the wardrobe design style. This gray oak leather sliding door wardrobe is designed with white plaid leather and gray oak texture. The two elements are harmonious, gorgeous and fashionable. Not unassuming is very eye-catching.

It can be seen that the division of the left and right functional areas of the sample is basically divided, which consists of the hanging clothes, the storage compartment, the drawer and the trousers. The design of the cabinet also shows the simple design concept, without too much fancy division. It can effectively expand the storage function of the wardrobe. In addition, the custom wardrobe can be freely selected by the customer to design the cabinet, or it can add functional accessories such as lattice pumping and clothes hanging according to their own needs.


The sliding door decoration leather of this Novi home gray oak leather wardrobe is made of high-grade imported beige leather, with woven texture stitching, delicate and smooth hand feeling, and almost no thread is visible in exquisite workmanship.


The upper and lower ends of the sliding door are decorated with alpine louvers. The louver material is not the general PVC, but the same MDF material of the cabinet plate, so that the louvers are more woody and more durable.

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