The basic structure and features of the overall wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The overall wardrobe, also known as wall-mounted wardrobes , custom wardrobes, cloakrooms, etc., has become one of the must-have furniture in Europe and the United States in the 1980s. In China, although the development of the overall wardrobe is still in the initial stage, as people's living standards continue to improve, everyone's understanding of the decoration has also reached a higher level. The overall wardrobe is also becoming an indispensable part of modern home decoration. The overall wardrobe is tailor-made, and environmentally friendly, fashionable, professional and other characteristics, will be destined to become a hot spot for household wardrobes in the next few years.


The overall wardrobe production process is different from the general purchase of panel furniture. First, the designer will have a close contact and communication with the user, understand the user's hobbies and their home style, and then measure the door to design a reasonable overall wardrobe. During this period, the designer will provide a computer rendering, and after the user is satisfied, the overall wardrobe will be made from the assembly line according to the drawings.

The basic structure and features of the overall wardrobe

The overall wardrobe looks very simple. It seems that there are a few doors that cover the cabinet inside. In fact, today's wall cabinets, if you look carefully, have a lot of learning.

The overall wardrobes on the market today are mainly divided into two categories, one is gated and the other is open (no door). The open-type wall-mounted cabinets will have a beautiful view of the colorful clothes, which is very suitable for young people's home atmosphere. If you have more heart, you can use this as the main body and build a cloakroom.

The whole wardrobe with doors has a beautiful article on the door. For example, the appearance of the tiger, the spotted dog pattern, the leopard pattern, etc., looked like a hanging picture. The materials currently available for the production of sliding doors on the market are wood, glass, mirrors and other materials. The wooden board is simple and natural, and it is more popular. The matte and cloth-patterned glass doors bring the effect of obscuration, especially under the light mapping. Silver-plated glass has a high-end luxury. The transparent glass door looks crystal clear. In addition, there are louver doors, which are very novel.

The internal structure of the whole wardrobe is also quite a mechanism. The cabinet can be a variety of cabinets. According to the size of the indoor space and personal preference, a number of cabinets can be selected for free combination. The number of movable panels and drawers can also be increased or decreased. In addition, in some wall-mounted wardrobes are also equipped with elastic stretching equipment, any upgrade, simple and practical, reflecting the unique design ideas, so in the wall-mounted wardrobe, where is the drawer, where is the partition, where to put clothes They will be arranged for you, even towels, socks, ties, etc., can also be used for everyone, some wall cabinets are also equipped with pants racks with pulleys, you can hang up a dozen pants, keep ventilation, no wrinkles, It is easy to see at a glance.

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