On the daily cleaning method of offset rubber blanket

In the daily printing process, the blanket is constantly in contact with the ink and the paper, and the ink on the printing plate graphic is transferred to the paper, so that the ink, paper hair, and paper powder are inevitably adhered to the blanket (paper Filler) and other substances. This adhesion phenomenon is more serious when the blanket is sticky, printed with inferior paper, or the pigment used in the ink is coarse, with a large specific gravity and a low viscosity. Therefore, during the printing process, the rubber should be visually recognized. Cloth surface accumulation and different job requirements. Regular cleaning of the blanket ensures and enhances the clarity of the graphic and extends the life of the blanket.

1. Prepare the materials used for cleaning and prepare a piece of cloth for water, a cloth for gasoline, and a clean dry cloth.

2. The grip of the cloth is the same as that when it is wiped.

3. Jog the machine or make the machine run at a low speed, and wipe the water from the mouth of the blanket until it is slightly dragged.

4. Jog the machine from the blanket's drag to the mouth or when the machine is running to the mouthwash, scrub the blanket with gasoline, so that the ink on the blanket dissolves.

5. When jogging the machine or when the machine is again running to the mouth, use a clean cloth to remove grease and impurities from the surface of the blanket.

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