Super cute Japanese Loli makeup hand painted

Although someone said all day: Selling is shameful, there are still many female friends who are constantly trying to sell Meng. Xiaobian teaches everyone how to sell invincible makeup, a few simple steps to create a Japanese loli makeup.

Super cute Japanese loli makeup

Step1, first use the middle finger fingertips to take the silvery eyeshadow with pearlescent light, and apply a large area to the upper eye socket.

Step2, then use the fingertips to take the powdery eyeshadow with pearlescent powder and apply it to the lower eyelids.

Step3, the most important point, be sure to use the eyelash curler to pull up along the root of the eyelashes to create a curling eyelash effect.

Step4, then select the black eyeliner, pull the eyelid up, and draw a detailed inner eyeliner along the root of the eyelash.

Super cute Japanese loli makeup

Step5, choose a thick mascara, and draw a thick lash effect along the root of the lash.

Step6, then use the eye shadow brush to pick up the pink eye shadow with a little coffee, brush at the top and bottom of the eye 1/3.

Step7, use the brush to pick up the pearl powder with a pearl effect, and brush it in the T-shaped part to create a three-dimensional effect with a little luster.

Step8, and finally take the pearl powder with a pearl effect, brush it under the eyes, make the eye shape look more three-dimensional.

Super cute Japanese loli makeup

How is the super cute one invincible selling cute makeup? Have you learned it? Get yourself at home to create such a Japanese loli makeup for yourself.

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