Bai Nian Home Textiles Bai Yanxue: Do not do the nest of the dealer

"Man! Why are you eager to try? Why are you so eager to seek success? You must be able to withstand loneliness, because the glory of success is hidden behind it." ---- quoted from the Bible

People with high emotional intelligence will understand the inner meaning of loneliness, they will be lonely, accumulated in loneliness, and then rise up in loneliness. This is a very important insight gained when I studied with the executive director of Bai Nian Home Textiles.

Bai Yanxue, Green Home Textiles-----"Bai Nian Home Textiles" executive director, who believes that he is "incompatible with the mainstream business community," but intends to lead the same grotesque dealer group in the fierce home textile market. One mistake is wrong again.

In 2011, in November, Guangzhou Tianhe, I would like to see this green home textile brand casting master.

Bai Yanxue, Executive Director of Bai Nian Home Textiles

Bai Yanxue, Executive Director of Bai Nian Home Textiles

One of the business philosophy of Bai Yanxue: Our generation is very reckless in doing business.

Talk about the business model of today's brocade home textiles. As a bystander, you can calmly praise, study, and learn. However, as a brand creator who has always adhered to the beliefs and ideas, it is impossible to take the past difficulties. of. Bai Yan said that he has been reluctant to accept media interviews and share the so-called successful experience. It is because Bai Nian Home Textiles grew up in a small city. It did not do branding, not domestic, no one believed, This is everywhere an industry that makes quick money, needs and can do a brand. Even if I am willing to give my experience, I will only be regarded as a scene, and I can only think that I am lucky.

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